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O’Vineyards Babies

Beautiful Evie and Handsome Nael

Nicole & Adam Russell, Victoria & David Green came with beautiful Baby Evie Green! 

Nicolas & Nadia Souchon came with handsome Baby Nael!

Victoria Green posted a review on FaceBook:

“We had a wonderful afternoon with our kind, thoughtful and generous hosts. Delicious, flavoursome wine and tasty food in their spacious and comfortable home/establishment. Highly recommended. When we left it felt as if we’d known them for years.”
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Another TripAdvisor Review

“The wine novices perfect paradise!”

5 of 5 starsWe spent two idyllic nights with Liz and Joe learning about beautiful wine and enjoying great company! As I write this we are enjoying bottle of Trah Lah Lah 2007 which we brought home (amongst numerous others). We enjoy our wine but are by no means experts, and to experience a true vineyard with delicious food and fabulous company without feeling intimidated was just what we were looking for. The accommodation was excellent – the comfiest bed in France! We cannot wait to visit again!!

Thanks Joe and Liz…”

Reviewed 5 days ago by Mike and Gemma who stayed with us September 2013.

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O’ Friends & Visitors

Three free bottles of Ryan O’Connell’s “KidCab”

Become a Naked Angel and grab this Special Offer from Naked Wines US!

80% off a case of delicious First Class winesNormal price: $339.85 Angel price: $69.85You save: $270Get it now
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Surprise Birthday Party!

Jacques ordered a surprise birthday party for his wife Yolande!

With Jacques, his sister  Dominique & her husband Georges, Yolande stepped in O’Vineyards empty grand room…..Her children and grand children rushed out of O’ kitchen,  singing Happy Birthday Mamie Yolande!  

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St Patrick’s Week

Happy St Patrick’s Day to you all! How do you like our O’Chasan  dressed in green and ready to go!

At O’Vineyards, St Patrick’s day will be celebrated ALL WEEK! ….. Good excuse to have more green … or white … O’Chasan! Cheers! 


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Beef Stew and O’MG

Wine & Food pairing for a “Boeuf en Daube”

Is “Boeuf en Daube” prettier that “Beef Stew?

Follow the following steps:

1. Marinate in One  bottle of O’Vineyards O’MG 2011 for the whole night.
One kilo of Beef cut in cubes
Two oinions
A “bouquet garni”: Thyme, Rosemary & Sage
salt & pepper

2. Add
Four Carrots
Four medium potatoes
a hand full of seedless olives

3. Use a steam cooker and cook everything until it steams then for an hour at medium heat…This dish gets even better cooked twice!

Enjoy that  Boeuf en Daube with another Bottle of O’MG … or any bottle of O’Vineyards  Red Wine …  available at Naked Wines UK and US! Bon Appétit!


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Blessing of O’Syrah in Carcassonne

The 2014 Saint Vincent’s Parade

O’Vineyards  O’SYRAH 2006 was blessed at the Blessing of the wine during the Prosper Montagné Association’s 2014 Saint Vincent’s Parade!


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Early Spring…Happy Visitors!

Restful Ambience at O’Vineyards

A beautiful sunrise! The almond trees in bloom! Joe and I were happy to welcome Kristen & Russ Moorhead znd their colleagues and friends!


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O’Vineyards Food & Wine in London

Who said one can’t have fun at work?

Three fabulous days of the France Show at Earl’s Court. Thanks to the many friends who came to help promote O’Vineyards B&B – Food & Wine Experience, and our UK/US distributor Naked Wines. Without your help we never could have handled the massive number of visitors requesting info about O’Vineyards Food & Wine!

To top off the trip, a private Soirée was held at Michael & Fay Storie’s house in Kent with dinner cooked by Liz. Joe animated the whole gamut of O’Vineyards wines ordered from Naked Wines by Michael & Fay.





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Great TripAdvisor Review

“Feel like Home”

” 5 of 5 stars. Reviewed January 11, 2014
What a big surprise. Waiting for a restaurant? Not your place. Be here and you will be at home, if you feel free to make new friends and talk about anything (including food and wines).

The place isn’t easy to find. We lost our way, but after spending some time talking in a grocery store, a woman gave us a help. We folllow her at some point, where Joe catch us to go to your place. After that, we discovered that the woman was the Major’s sister of Villemoustaussou.

This is not a restaurant, it’s Joe and Liz home and you go straight to yours living and dinner room. It’s great, comfortable, with pieces of fine art and still going fine without “snob” owners. Of course, the first offer that you have is a glass of wine, and if you like wine, will be easy to find one of your choice.

We arrived around 07h30PM with time enough to visit the cellar and winery, and a great surprise again. Good wines, and good chat with Joe. Muse, your dog, was our company all the time, including during the dinner. Great!

We had seven other guys with us on the table, and Joe & Liz, of course. France, Canada, Spain, Brasil, a multi-cultural table with a very good people. This dinner was an experience not only about food, but people and conversation.

Well, the food? Liz did everything in the kitchen, great food all the time. Joe is concerned about the wines every time, too. And we get harmony food X wine, for sure. We have no words to describe that amazing night with superb food and very good wines.

If you are travelling there, don’t make your reservation for the last day/night. We left O’Vineyards Table d’Hote around 00h00, with our flight to Brazil on next day.

O’Vineyards Table d’Hote is a proof that a great dinner is a perfect combination of hosts, people going there, food (Liz you are a 10!!) and wine!

Hope to have time to go back ASAP…
Vitor & Ana

Visited January 2014″

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