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Born Digital Wine Awards – Guidelines and Voting Criteria

The Born Digital Wine Awards have officially announced their submission guidelines and criteria.

This is a very exciting award, and I’m so happy to see it moving forward at a healthy pace. One of the coolest parts of the BDWA is that it recognizes individual videos and pieces of writing. That means that the awards can go to busy winemakers who have time to do one cool video or post but who don’t have time to run a blog with great content year round.  Furthermore this inaugural year is free.  You can submit entries at no charge.  And there’s a prize.

born digital wine awards logowine

Now, I was planning on flooding them with submissions from other Languedoc Roussillon producers, but it turns out you have to submit your own work.  So I will have to settle for strongly encouraging you to enter your own work.

I STRONGLY recommend you enter some work.  I would absolutely love to see the Languedoc Roussillon take over the shortlist of finalists and even win one of these categories!

You might be thinking it’s weird that I’m encouraging people to compete against me.  Well.. on the one hand, I’m weird.  On the other hand, through a rather unexpected turn of events, most of my web work doesn’t meet the criteria of eligibility.  Most of the Love That Languedoc videos are longer than 10 minutes.  My book (Wines of Carcassonne: The Cabardes AOC) is longer than 3000 words. Some of my work like the Complete Map of AOC Cabardes aren’t really text or video, and there’s no category for apps or maps this year. And some of my more popular videos were first released before 2010.  So most of what I do can’t even compete.

Despite my initial disappointment about this discovery, it’s probably a good thing. I honestly don’t know how I would have narrowed down my body of work to choose a submission. These criteria actually narrow it down for me to the dirt tasting and the fruit thief. Which are some of the most visited articles posted on this site in 2010 anyway. I should probably take a hint from that!

People like videos under 10 minutes that have almost nothing to do with wine. :D

So to summarize, please consider entering your own writing and video!  Let’s get some Languedoc Roussillon in the Born Digital Wine Awards.

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