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Carcassonne OenoVideo Festival

Tourism and Cinema in the heart of Aude The Oenovideo film festival chose the Medieval  Cite of Carcassonne and the Hotel de la Cite to celebrate its 20th anniversary. The OenoVideo Festival was hosted by the Syndicat du Cru Minervois in the heart of it’s vineyards and in the walls of Carcassonne from 30 May to […]

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QR Code made of wine corks

update: after hearing that the qr code didn’t scan properly on all phones, I made a black and white version that should be easier to scan!  second update: most people are reporting that it works with certain QR code readers (presumably those with better error correction) I made a QR code out of wine corks. […]

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To the Artistically-Minded Litterbug

I keep finding beer containers positioned on top of my vines in the first row of the Merlot parcel closest to the village.  I figure a simple “Don’t litter, you idiot” would fall on deaf ears.  That message is already everywhere and I’m clearly dealing with an exceptional individual here…. so here’s an open letter […]

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Organizing Corks by Color

For all the O’CD O’Vineyards-fans, I’m posting some pictures of a cork project I have in the works. After seeing somebody make a beautiful portrait out of corks, I started tinkering with the idea of doing small framed panoramas of the Cité de Carcassonne with O’Vineyards corks. Here’s the original video that I saw where […]

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Painting by Luke Quinn includes winemaker

My friend completed a painting and it’s gorgeous.  It’s called Kombucha World or Kombucha Symbiotic Colony: of bacteria and feast. Click to view the full painting Here is a detail that includes some symbolic representations of my friends and me.  There are surely a million ways to interpret this painting, but the artist uploaded the […]

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Painting Wine Barrels

Puech Haut‘s collection of painted barrels (some of which are a tiny bit more sophisticated than my painted barrels ;D ) has sent a small piece of the collection to the French Pavillion in Shanghai. I guess I’m supposed to wax poetic about the awesome artisitic implications of painting barrels.  Or the marketing benefits.  Honestly, […]

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Food Forgery – Trick Photography in Food & Wine

Looking at pictures from harvests all over the northern hemisphere can really show you how naturally beautiful vineyards are.  There’s no need for trickery.  You can get a lot of mileage out of some relatively cheap amateur photography.  You don’t have to touch up or photoshop your pictures later on.  Vines are just pretty.  And […]

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Painted Wine Barrels @ Cité de Carcassonne

One of our best customers is La Barbacane, the Michelin-starred restaurant in l’Hotel de la Cité in Carcassonne.  I was delighted to hear that they’ll also be serving one of our wines in Le Jardin de l’Evêque, the outdoor garden area across from the hotel. And on top of this great news, they commissioned a […]

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