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Hen Party

Alexa, Thank you for your TripAdvisor review! “Lynsey’s Hen Do” by Alexa_waugh 5 of 5 stars. Reviewed May 21, 2014 NEW I booked this wine tour for my sister’s Hen Party and I cannot recommend it enough. We arrived to a beautiful welcome, followed by a brilliant tour of the vine yard and the winery. […]

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Surprise Birthday Party!

Jacques ordered a surprise birthday party for his wife Yolande! With Jacques, his sister  Dominique & her husband Georges, Yolande stepped in O’Vineyards empty grand room…..Her children and grand children rushed out of O’ kitchen,  singing Happy Birthday Mamie Yolande!  

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Beef Stew and O’MG

Wine & Food pairing for a “Boeuf en Daube” Is “Boeuf en Daube” prettier that “Beef Stew? Follow the following steps: 1. Marinate in One  bottle of O’Vineyards O’MG 2011 for the whole night. One kilo of Beef cut in cubes Two oinions A “bouquet garni”: Thyme, Rosemary & Sage salt & pepper 2. Add […]

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Early Spring…Happy Visitors!

Restful Ambience at O’Vineyards A beautiful sunrise! The almond trees in bloom! Joe and I were happy to welcome Kristen & Russ Moorhead znd their colleagues and friends!  

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O’Vineyards Food & Wine in London

Who said one can’t have fun at work? Three fabulous days of the France Show at Earl’s Court. Thanks to the many friends who came to help promote O’Vineyards B&B – Food & Wine Experience, and our UK/US distributor Naked Wines. Without your help we never could have handled the massive number of visitors requesting info […]

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Goat cheese and herb appetizer

This receipe is for Donna VanAlstine and Chris Rud, our visitors from Toronto Canada. Use preferably a roll of “pâte sablée” (kind of shortbread dough). Could be replaced by another pastry such as the puff pastry and adding some honey over the goat cheese. cut the dough in 12 round portions Lay a slice of […]

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Dining at O’Vineyards Carcassonne

Liz’s Salmon Rillettes At the request of our World Travelers Sabine Bessey and her husband Ebaheart, here is the receipe of Liz’s Salmon Rillettes: Get from the fish market about 200g of fresh salmon heat your oven at 200° Few drop of lemon, salt and pepper, roll your salmon inside of an aluminium sheet cook […]

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Bouillabaisse by Liz

I like to serve dishes, French or fusion, that our World Visitors can discover and appreciate. Travelers from Japan love sea food but I knew enough not to feed them shrimp tempura. I treated them to a Liz’s bouillabaisse. Here is the receipe: As for all my ingredients, the fish need to be very fresh! […]

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