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Hen Party

Alexa, Thank you for your TripAdvisor review! “Lynsey’s Hen Do” by Alexa_waugh 5 of 5 stars. Reviewed May 21, 2014 NEW I booked this wine tour for my sister’s Hen Party and I cannot recommend it enough. We arrived to a beautiful welcome, followed by a brilliant tour of the vine yard and the winery. […]

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My Wine Rocks in L-R

The interviewer becomes the interviewee.  How the tables have turned!  Nina Izzo from Lost in Wine dropped by O’Vineyards and we sat in an enormous wine fermentation tank to talk about my appellation, the Cabardes.  This is part of a new series she’s doing called My Wine Rocks in L-R. Here’s the video: You can […]

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Languedoc Day

November 10th, 2011 is Languedoc Day.  Show that you’re participating with a free registration on the LanguedocDay event page. What is Languedoc Day? Languedoc Day is an opportunity for lots of people to discover or learn about one of the largest winemaking regions on the planet.  This beautiful stretch of land on the Mediterranean coast […]

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CIVL Three Tier Hierarchy Rumors Dispelled

This post is meant to dispel a rumor that is circulating about the CIVL’s three tier hierarchy.  The rumor is that they have abandoned the hierarchy entirely.  I was shocked to read this so I sent emails to their press agency and the folks at the CIVL that I usually deal with. The short version […]

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Winemakers in Aude protest CIVL expenditures

L’Independant carried an article last Friday (March 11th 2011) about La Confédération paysanne de l’Aude and their refusal to pay any more money to the CIVL (interprofessional group for winemakers in the Languedoc).  I don’t know much of the legal framework, so don’t take any of this as canon.  And feel free to correct me. […]

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Antonio Galloni’s New Responsibilities at the Wine Advocate

A month ago, Robert Parket sent an email out to his subscribers letting us know about some significant changes in who tastes the wine for several regions.  I’d like to share my thoughts and an email from David Schildknecht to help people understand more about this change (and how it might affect my region). The […]

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Languedoc Outsiders – The Home Game chez Boris

The Languedoc Outsiders, a valiant team of men and women from all walks of life who have taken up the mantle of winemaking, work together to defend common values like truth, justice and the American way delicious wine, good company, and the French way! This issue promises to reveal the secret origins of Ryan.Com, the […]

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Travel Articles about the Languedoc Roussillon Region

NO VISIT TO THE SOUTH OF FRANCE would be complete without a trip to the Languedoc-Roussillon region, where you’ll find a combination of hilltop vineyards, Mediterranean beaches, and a panoply of France’s most beautiful medieval villages. –Ryan O’Connell, Tampa Bay Magazine NOV/DEC 2010 p. 141 Add one more thing to the list of jobs winemakers […]

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Outsiders Tasting – Because My Outside Tastes Better Than My Inside

I’m a member of a group of winemakers known as The Outsiders, our forces marshaled by Louise Hurren.  And in anticipation for our London tasting on November 10th, this article is an exploration of what being an outsider even means. What the heck is an outsider? There are people in this world who just always […]

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Grand Crus du Languedoc

The winemakers of the Cabardes all got together recently for a dinner in the events room at Chateau Pennautier, often billed as the Versailles of the Languedoc.  It wasn’t the Hall of Mirrors, but it was very cozy and the food was delicious.  Naturally, we all brought wine along, so we drank well too. One […]

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