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Ryan O’Connell / Business Insider

Business Insider FINANCE . June 26. 2014. 3 Ways That Winemakers Trick You Into Paying Too Much BY STEPHANIE YANG Unless you’re a wine connoisseur, finding the right bottle can be tricky. It’s generally accepted that the more expensive a bottle of wine, the better it is.However, Ryan O’Connell says belief is prompting winemakers to up their prices, […]

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Twitter-use between Vinisud 2010 and Vinisud 2012

I’m astonished at how much has changed in the past two years.  One particularly conspicuous example is twitter use in and around Vinisud, a big wine fair that happens every two years. Twitter at Vinisud Two years ago, there were a handful of people tweeting at Vinisud.  I actually got multiple journalists to visit the […]

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Cork QR Code update

update: a reader has sent in a version with even higher contrast saying it works best: So hopefully we’re getting somewhere!   A lot of people had trouble scanning the QR code I made out of wine corks so I made some modifications to help it become more scannable. Hopefully this version works a bit […]

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QR Code made of wine corks

update: after hearing that the qr code didn’t scan properly on all phones, I made a black and white version that should be easier to scan!  second update: most people are reporting that it works with certain QR code readers (presumably those with better error correction) I made a QR code out of wine corks. […]

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Are wine drinkers qualified to review wines?

This is a post in response to an editorial in Vitisphere.  The author has since responded here. I was a little shocked when reading the editorial on the most recent Vitisphere which concludes with the following: “Enfin, il faudra accepter une certification des acteurs de la critique, de la notation, par une Autorité, sinon les […]

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Jealous of Il Soave

One of the best parts of the recent European Wine Bloggers Conference in Brescia, Italy is the post trips. Wine regions like Franciacorta (the primary sponsor for the event), il Soave (the region I visited on Sunday), and many others invited bloggers to tour wineries, see historical sites, and taste local food and wine. These […]

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Free B&B Listings Online

As many of you know, O’Vineyards opened our Bed & Breakfast this summer.  We got a lot of clients online and I thought I’d share some of the easiest free resources I found, especially free B&B listings. Why use free B&B listings Not only do these websites serve as useful guides to their readers, they […]

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Young Voices in French Wine

Vindicateur published an interesting interview with a bunch of youngsters.  I’m the jerk who answers all the questions in English. Which youngsters? Laure Goy (1986, Les Terres Promises) Nina Izzo (1989, Lost in Wine) Pauline Boët (1986, Eyes Wine Open) Lolita Sene (1987, J’aime ton wine) Jérémie Bertrand (1988, World Wild Wine) Ryan O’Connell (1985) […]

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Languedoc Day

November 10th, 2011 is Languedoc Day.  Show that you’re participating with a free registration on the LanguedocDay event page. What is Languedoc Day? Languedoc Day is an opportunity for lots of people to discover or learn about one of the largest winemaking regions on the planet.  This beautiful stretch of land on the Mediterranean coast […]

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Music Videos in South of France

My friends with a B&B in Pieusse just made a great music video to represent their lodging and the feeling of staying in a small town near Limoux. It’s got me thinking about doing my own video in this music video or movie teaser style.  I looked back on 2011 to see what other music […]

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