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Michel Remondat explains Vitisphere Editorial

If you’re a normal person who is just looking for a fun wine blog to read, run away from this crazy dirt-drinking wino.  Or maybe think about pretending to be a wine expert. Yesterday, I posted my thoughts about a confounding Vitisphere editorial that argues about the downside of digital communications.  What ensues is the obligatory publication […]

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Wine Review Word Clouds – The difference between Robert Parker and my clients

As some of you know, I’ve been doing semantic analyses of wine reviews we receive online.  Mostly, I’ve used this data to make silly computer-generated wine reviews.  But today I’m going to use the data to talk a bit about word clouds and word frequency. Robert Parker’s most used words Robert Parker is one of […]

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Computer-Generated wine terms

Do you ever get the feeling that wine critics are making up words or inventing fruit you’ve never heard of to describe wine?  This morning, I took a sidestep in my computer-generated wine reviews project.  Instead of generating whole reviews, I am now generating new words to describe wines.  Here is a list of words […]

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Refining Computer Generated Wine Reviews

I’m still tweaking the parameters for my computer-generated wine reviews. Some computer-generated reviews: “Delicious, deep flavours.” While this is in no way funny, it’s sort of spectacular.  Nobody actually used this exact phrase in the wine reviews.  But somebody said “Delicious, deep and dusty. It should cost more.”  And somebody else said “Rich deep flavours […]

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Computer Generated Wine Reviews

“Drank lots and lots of depth, it won’t disappoint” –computer generated review of O’Vineyards wine I’m playing with some software that will allow me to analyze all the comments O’Vineyards wines have received online.  One of the sillier, fun applications of this analysis is that my computer can generate comments on its own now.  Some […]

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Superconductivity and Wine in Antiferromagnetic Suppression

I love it when cool science labs stray into the world of wine just enough for me to write about them.  Finally an excuse to let my inner lab geek roam free on this blog. Some superconductivity researchers in Japan were getting a little tipsy after successfully running a lab in which they measured the […]

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The Perfect Website for a Restaurant or Winery

After reading hilarious ironic praise for poorly designed restaurant websites, I feel inspired. First, I’m going to start making blog posts for some of the restaurants around Aude. Some of them have no websites. A few have the sort of crappy, flash animation intro, easy listening muzak-laden, unreadable font colors, and generic sounding mission statements […]

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Sulfur Candles in Ancient Winemaking

People often cite the fact that ancient Greek and Roman winemakers burned sulfur to help preserve wine.  It’s actually difficult to track down any real evidence (depending on what languages you read).  So I have some secondary sources.  I don’t have a translation of the primary sources, so I encourage you to continue researching and […]

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Thierry Desseauve at Le Vin 2.0

Thierry Desseauve is a really cool dude.  He’s obviously had a huge role in creating the contemporary wine scene that exists in France.  He’s come a long way since his departure from RDF and I’m glad he had time to talk at Vin 2.0 (a conference I talked about previously) since he’s usually busy with […]

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Wine Map of the Cabardes

Oh wow, I forgot how much I love maps. I’ve been playing around in Google Maps and it’s really fun.  Some of you might know that I’m working on a book about the AOC Cabardes and the wines north of Carcassonne.  And so I’ve built a big directory and I’m defining certain climactic zones.  Blah […]

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