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Ryan O’Connell / Business Insider

Business Insider FINANCE . June 26. 2014. 3 Ways That Winemakers Trick You Into Paying Too Much BY STEPHANIE YANG Unless you’re a wine connoisseur, finding the right bottle can be tricky. It’s generally accepted that the more expensive a bottle of wine, the better it is.However, Ryan O’Connell says belief is prompting winemakers to up their prices, […]

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O’Vineyards Babies

Beautiful Evie and Handsome Nael Nicole & Adam Russell, Victoria & David Green came with beautiful Baby Evie Green!  Nicolas & Nadia Souchon came with handsome Baby Nael! Victoria Green posted a review on FaceBook: “We had a wonderful afternoon with our kind, thoughtful and generous hosts. Delicious, flavoursome wine and tasty food in their spacious […]

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O’ Friends & Visitors

Three free bottles of Ryan O’Connell’s “KidCab” Become a Naked Angel and grab this Special Offer from Naked Wines US!  

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Beef Stew and O’MG

Wine & Food pairing for a “Boeuf en Daube” Is “Boeuf en Daube” prettier that “Beef Stew? Follow the following steps: 1. Marinate in One  bottle of O’Vineyards O’MG 2011 for the whole night. One kilo of Beef cut in cubes Two oinions A “bouquet garni”: Thyme, Rosemary & Sage salt & pepper 2. Add […]

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Your Personalized Labels

Your Personalized label on 36 bottles of O’Vineyards Fine Wines. 12 bottles of O’Vineyards older vintages available immediately for your Holidays Your Personalized label included  1 Trah Lah Lah 2006 1 Trah Lah Lah 2007 1 O’Syrah 2006 1 O’Syrah 2007 6 OMG 2011 1 O’Muse 2012 1 O’Chasan 2012 24 bottles of O’Vineyards 2013 wines available […]

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Proprietor’s Reserve 2007

Prestigious Sommeliers International September 2013 issue Review: O’Vineyards Proprietor’s Reserve 2007: “Serve it at 16°C. Ageing:2020. color: Black hue, purple Nose: rich, very aromatic, dense, spices, blacberry, violet, peony, garigue, white pepper, cinnamon Palate: pure straight at first taste. Very good amplenes, Spices, freshness and density in the finish Match with food: grilled wild boar, Prime […]

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This is a strange year with NO Spring. One day in June…. we just switched the heater to the Air Conditioner… and it looks like we will not have an Autumn!!!! Anyway, while Joe is harvesting and making the 2013 wines, I want to get into the Holiday spirit and offer our Clients a Special on […]

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Buy O’Wines and Earn Free Food & Wine Getaways

Earn two points for each euro spent on O’Vineyards Fine Wines. Points rewards: One night in one double room w/ views on the vines: 1500 points One winery visit & wine tasting and one five course meal: 500 points One winery visit & wine tasting: 250 points Fine Wines dating back to 2005. Proprietor’s Reserve:  28€ per […]

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O’Vineyards Oeno Tourism

O’Vineyards main activity is making and selling wine. In a region where wine can be found in abundance, we are fortunate to be able to attract a high number of adventurous epicurean world travelers because of the good wine we serve generously to accommodate the fine food we provide. Nothing is irrelevant to a wine […]

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