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Dirty Wine Bottles – Taking Terroir Too Literally

Remember when I drank dirt? Of course you do.

Well, while I was putting dirt in the bottle, Eduardo del Fraile was putting dirt on the outside!

This bottle was designed to honor Agapito Rico, an important figure in the DO of Jumilla Spain. He was a pioneer in achieving quality wines in this region. The grape that is grown in this land is the Monastrell, a strong flavored grape suitable for arid areas.

via Serious About Wine

There you go. :)  I’m not sure if Agapito Rico’s wine goes into the bottles or not.  I’ll keep you posted if I discover more.

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  1. Iris Says:

    If it does, it would perhaps be a good “communication”, to sell it together with a small table aspirator for the housewives, who already to protest, when they see their husbands open a sealed bottle, because of the “dirt” it may leave on the table cloth….

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