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France in April

I just celebrated my 23rd birthday at the beginning of the month and after an incredibly busy pair of weeks in Florida, I flew back to the vineyard. I am currently typing from my office above the winery and I am excited to announce that I finally got around to making a short vineyard video. Hopefully, I’ll keep these coming as a web series on O’Vineyards that can shed some light on some of the cool things we get to do, the way we tend to grapes and wine, our love for this work and this area, all the sweet toys I get to play with, etc.

This installment is on a topic I’m very excited about. I’ve been gone since crush at the end of 2007. In my absence, my parents installed a brand new oxoline system to shelve our barrels. This actually sounds a lot like an ad for them, but I’m not getting paid. (We should look into the sponsorship opportunities, but) This is just a friendly look into one of the cool new gadgets I get to use.

For people who can’t see the video cause they’re at work or on dialup or somesuch:
My barrels used to be stacked on top of each other which is the way it’s been done for a long time. Once they’re full, they’re exceptionally heavy and it’s a little difficult reaching the bunghole (that’s the hole in the barrel, not the naughty part of your body). The shelving system uses space age innovations like wheels and tubes to shelve each barrel independently. This makes the hole accessible, makes it possible to turn the barrel around while full with minimal effort, and turns the difficult process of emptying the last bits of the barrel as easy as turning it upside down. I’m sort of surprised it took centuries of winemaking before an affordable shelf with wheels was invented, but at least we have it now.

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