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Ideal Itineraries for Carcassonne Wine Holiday

I know that you know that I lift wires at this time of year.  But you know what else I do?  Answer a lot of questions from tourists. It seems like I get at least four or five emails each week about travel plans around Carcassonne and in the Languedoc Roussillon in general.

My emails tend to be very personalized based on what languages you speak, where you’re flying into, whether you have a car or not, etc.   It’s fun setting people up with really good trips, but it takes a lot of time.   And sometimes, people don’t really need super-personalized advice.  If you want a few wine travel ideas around Carcassonne, you might just want to check out Wink Lorch’s Wine Travel Guide – Ideal One-Day Itinerary.

Wink tends to pick places that are equipped to greet you in English.  And for these short one or two day trips, the estates often have restaurants or rooms to stay in so you don’t need to spend half of your wine holiday in a car looking for a poorly marked country road.

The One-Day and Two-Day trips around Carcassonne have really good ideas. Like a short run down to Limoux where you can visit small indie estates and then go to Gayda for a nice meal and a place to stay.  That trip’s especially nice if you have a spouse or travel partner that only drinks white wine.  Or you could do a quick jump north and visit Pennautier who also have a restaurant, rooms, etc.  I would naturally add that while you’re already in Pennautier, you should hop over to O’Vineyards . . . OF COURSE. :)   I’m just a few kilometers away and I’d really love to see you.

Also, if you’re planning your trip on a Sunday, good luck. You’re best off emailing me.

Anyway, I like Wink’s guide and appreciate the work of her head Languedoc researcher Richard James.

And I’m going to steal this idea of an ideal one-day itinerary if you’re looking to spend a day around Carcassonne or if you are flying in with RyanAir and have a day to spare before driving to your next destination.

Ideal One-Day Itinerary


Leave Carcassonne, going northwest on the N113 that sort of follows the Canal du Midi.  Check out O’Vineyards in Villemoustaussou.  33 (0)6 30 18 99 10

Winery visits include young wine tasting from tanks as well as barrel tastings.  Call ahead and we can do a table d’hote where you eat with the winemaker and family.  It’s a lot of fun.

winery visit


Then you have two options.  You either lounge around the vineyard all day drinking delicious wine and soaking in the countryside vistas, or you can get back in the car and head to another destination.

UK Angels visit O'Vineyards near Carcassonne

Possible destinations include:

  • Chateau Pennautier – Big, fancy winemakers in Pennautier
  • Chateau BrauOrganic winemakers in Villemoustaussou (call ahead)
  • La Cité de Carcassonne – visit ramparts, have a coffee, just chill out. Whatever you choose to do, you’re doing it in a medieval castle!! How cool is that?
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  1. Wink Lorch Says:

    Thank you, Ryan – much appreciated link to our website. Your own one-day itinerary suggestion sounds just perfect for the real wine lover, who wants that personal experience and insider view you can offer and with lunch too – I’m on my way!

    For those who need extra hand-helping with their travels in France, we can also come up with tailor-made itineraries for anywhere in France, based on our 46 French travel guides.

  2. admin Says:

    And Wink is a lot more professional than me. :) I’m happy to help, but you know what they say about free advice. Sometimes, you get what you pay for. :D And I really know very little once you get outside of my comfort zone in the Languedoc-Roussillon.

  3. sally Says:

    Ryan, I shall definately be pointing my visitors in your direction, hope to see you very soon !

  4. admin Says:

    Thanks, Sally! With recommendations from a host like you, I’ll be seeing tourists all the time :)

  5. Brian Says:

    For wine tasting and a very good restaurant have you discovered the Domain Gayda between Limoux and Carcassonne. They also run a day’s wine making course for anyone interested.

    Really is a fabulous place for food and the wine they produce is really very good.

  6. admin Says:

    They are actually mentioned in this post! :)

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