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James Bond Wine Movies

I just saw Epicurean Dealmaker ran a big string of Bond movie wine puns on Twitter.  And then other people started weighing in, including Randall Grahm (with some really good ones).  The result is a great list that I wanted to preserve in one easy to read place.  I hope that’s okay with all the various authors.

  • GoldenTokay
  • Thunderbowl
  • Doonraker
  • Moldfinger
  • For Tokays Only
  • License to Spill
  • The Mould is not Enough
  • From Remuage with Love
  • The Manischewitz with the Golden Gun


  • The Plonk is Not Enough
  • Kyr Royale


Bond wine movies:

  • Dr. Wine-no
  • Shanken, not stirred
  • Pouilly Fuissé Galore
  • You Only Ferment Twice
  • Never Say Nevers Again
  • For Your Eiswein Only
  • SPECTREphotometer
  • Tomorrow Never Deiss
  • Golden Ay
  • Levure Let Die

Bond wine girls:

  • Miss Meunierpenny
  • Urziger Andress
  • Halle Beerenauslese
  • Vespaiola Lynd
  • Rosa Klevner
And then people started talking about Batman:
  • Q: What was the favorite M.O. of Batman’s nemesis The Riddler? A: Méthode Champenoise
  • Q: And favorite appellation in the Languedoc of his other nemesis, Catwoman? A: Félines-Minervois
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