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Other Chicken Recipe

Poulet au gingembre sur un lit de riz:

Chicken with Ginger on white rice

We are going to use the other half of the farm raised chicken and sauté it with ginger, onion, and some fennel. and serve it over a rice bed.

1/ chop the ginger

2/ chop onion, fennel (or another vegetable of your choice) slice chicken
sauté onion, vegetable, chicken slices and chopped ginger. add one table spoon of soyo sauce (or viandox) and three table spoon of chicken broth

3/ serve on a bed of white rice. or if you prefer, on a bed of sauté rice

How to cook the natural rice:

soak the rice (not Uncle Ben rice!) in the water for a couple of hours.
Change the water several times to eliminate starch.
Keep the level of water about 2cm over the rice.
Cook on stove medium high. When the water is completely reduced, turn the stove down to low and cook for 10 more minutes.

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