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Pizza Sandwich – Ep. 1 – Italian Pizza / Dirty Downhome Southern Pizza w/ Fried Okra in the Middle

(warning: mild cursing)


This is only peripherally related to O’Vineyards in that I am O’Vineyards and I made this delicious dish with my friends.

We just made an enormous, decadent pizza sandwich. That’s a sandwich where you put something delicious in between two large slices of bread except that each slice of bread is a full-sized pizza!

The pizzas were delicious. We had one pizza with mashed potatoes and gravy. One classic Italian pizza with black olives, tomatoes, onion and peppers. We clasped them together with some fried okra inbetween. Yum. All vegan too.

I’ll probably be making more of these, and I’ll try to work wine into the picture in the future.

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