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Ryan O’Connell Public Speaking

Here are videos of some of Ryan O’Connell’s public speaking appearances in French and in English.

French Videos

Vin 2.0 – « Développer ses ventes avec les réseaux sociaux – le e-commerce de proximité »

ParisWeb 2010 – « Comment un vigneron étranger utilise le web pour s’intégrer dans la France rurale »

Comment un vigneron étranger utilise le web… par parisweb

ViniSud 2010 – Strategie de Marketing sur Internet

This is one of the first presentations I did and it’s a fond memory. Despite the fact that only a few people were sitting in the audience, hundreds have seen this video since the day we recorded it and I’ve been given many speaking opportunities as a result. So it all sort of started in this tiny room at ViniSud. :)

English Videos

European Wine Bloggers Conference 2012 – 5 minute story telling

Blogger’s Stories – Storytelling in action from Vrazon on Vimeo.


IGNITE London – Pretending to be an Expert

FRED TalksQuirky History of Prohibition in the USA

London International Wine Fair 2011 – Access Zone – 5 Tips for Wineries Getting into Social Media

Access Zone – Ryan O’Connell from Vrazon on Vimeo.

London International Wine Fair 2010 – Collaboration between wineries with Oscar Quevedo

Winery Collaboration from Ryan and Gabriella Opaz on Vimeo.

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