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Slice of Life Vineyard

Some of our most popular videos have very little to do with wine. Instead, they offer some insight into our lives in the south of France and a few chuckles. Here are the pieces that have received the most feedback since I’ve been putting these videos online.

Petting Zoo Cheese Tasting – This cheese tastes the way a petting zoo smells.

Sheep Cheese – Nota Bene 3 from Ryan O'Connell on Vimeo.

The Fig Thief – We have a lot of fruit trees that regularly get picked clean by the neighbors. They’re mostly far from the road, they’re in the middle of our property, and some are even behind fences (which are regularly torn down). One day, somebody staying on the vineyard noticed a person was taking our figs. So I went out with my camera and confronted him. And he was super defensive. Classic video.

Drinking Dirt – It’s very fashionable to talk about terroir and the importance of minimizing the winemaker’s presence to feature the land. I decided to tease the terroir-istes a little and do a tasting of pure terroir. What would wine be like if we took the winemaker out of the equation entirely to only feature a sense of place. Pure dirt!

Short, Frantic Vineyard Visit – This video features the unlistenable music I used to record with friends in Florida. Artsy fartsy vineyard video footage at its finest. :)

Pizza Sandwich – One of the cooking escapades from my Florida days. Decadent, disgusting vegan pizza.

Drinking at your own wine tastings – A video from the slow days when I would do tastings at little boutiques in Central Florida. Most people didn’t even believe I was the winemaker. :D

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