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B&B in Minervois near Carcassonne

This post is about finding a gite, B&B, or other lodging options in the Minervois near Carcassonne.

Of course, if you want to stay at a vineyard near Carcassonne, I strongly recommend staying with me at O’Vineyards Bed & Breakfast. But I’m technically in the Cabardes (which is a small area to the west of the Minervois).

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Bed & Breakfast Exterior shots

I took some exterior photos of O’Vineyards Bed & Breakfast now that it’s nearing completion.  Things are looking good! You can really see how close the rooms are to the vines.  How clear the sky is.  This is life on a vineyard after all! This is the window of the Cabardes room.  You can look […]

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Vineyard B&B in Cabardes north of Carcassonne

This is a list of Cabardes vineyards that provide bed & breakfast services or other lodging options north of Carcassonne. Of course, if you want to stay at a vineyard, I strongly recommend staying at O’Vineyards Bed & Breakfast. But this post includes all the options for staying with winemakers in the Cabardes. Why stay […]

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