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Unique Carcassonne Accommodation

Carcassonne and the surrounding area are very popular travel destinations because of the charm, character and history of the region.  Rather than staying at a cookie-cutter hotel when you visit Carcassonne, consider taking advantage of some of the incredibly unique accommodations available in the area. Obviously if you’re looking for holiday accommodation on a vineyard, […]

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Regionally specialized wine merchants in the Languedoc Roussillon

It feels like there are suddenly a ton of wine merchants that specialize in the Languedoc-Roussillon.  Obviously I’m pretty happy about that, so I’ve made a list of these wine vendors who are focused on the south of France. I’ve previously mentioned a few of these Languedoc Roussillon wine merchants on Love That Languedoc.  But […]

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Antonio Galloni’s New Responsibilities at the Wine Advocate

A month ago, Robert Parket sent an email out to his subscribers letting us know about some significant changes in who tastes the wine for several regions.  I’d like to share my thoughts and an email from David Schildknecht to help people understand more about this change (and how it might affect my region). The […]

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Vines Budding and Flowering – Gorgeous Photos from the Roussillon

My friends at Domaine Revelh (Wake Up!) in the Roussillon made a beautiful post about vine buds and flowers. The text is in French so it might be tough for some of you, but the photos need no words.  A truly beautiful post!! To achieve this, they brought some cuttings back from the field in […]

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Love That Catalunya – Wine is not a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos

It’s important not to think of wine marketing as a game of Hungry Hungry Hippos. Where there are only 20 marbles on the playing field and getting one more marble is the same as taking it out of your starving starving opponent’s mouth.

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6 Reasons Why Georges Freche Loves Love That Languedoc

I took clips from George Frêche’s speech at ViniSud to explain why he should adore my website.  The video’s in French, so I wrote up the whole thing in English for you! Six reasons Georges Frêche loves Love That Languedoc. “You don’t need seniority to be good. You just need to be smart”I get a […]

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