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Harvesting and Having Fun

Harvest 2014 is coming to an end. We are very fortunate not to have been hit by any of the hail or severe thunderstorms that occurred during this growing season. Looks like another promising year! Starting the days at 4:00 to get our grapes in at cooler temperatures. Hard work! but of course the fun continued […]

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Ryan O’Connell / Business Insider

Business Insider FINANCE . June 26. 2014. 3 Ways That Winemakers Trick You Into Paying Too Much BY STEPHANIE YANG Unless you’re a wine connoisseur, finding the right bottle can be tricky. It’s generally accepted that the more expensive a bottle of wine, the better it is.However, Ryan O’Connell says belief is prompting winemakers to up their prices, […]

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O’ Friends & Visitors

Three free bottles of Ryan O’Connell’s “KidCab” Become a Naked Angel and grab this Special Offer from Naked Wines US!  

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OMG! New O’Vineyards Wine

When I asked Ryan to explain his choice of name for the new O’Vineyards wine OMG, he replied: “I’m an O’Connell. So it’s O’Vineyards, O’Syrah, O’MG, hahaha”

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Ryan O’Connell moves to California

So, I’ve been pretty cagey about this but here’s the official announcement: Ryan O’Connell is moving to California for part of 2012.  The company I’m working with in California is looking for new wines and new business opportunities and they think I can help.  I think I can help too. I’m leaving tomorrow.  I’ll be […]

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Storytelling Session at EWBC 2011 Brescia, Italy

The 2011 European Wine Bloggers Conference (EWBC) happened in Brescia, Italy last month.  I had the honor of moderating a session on Saturday and here is the video recording. Blogger’s Stories – Storytelling in action from Vrazon on Vimeo. The entire conference was themed around storytelling and we had lots of sessions about how to […]

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O’Vineyards in French magazine l’Express

We were very proud to se that the Magazine l’Express released a special wine issue with a full page feature of O’Vineyards and several references to our websites (the issue had an extensive spread on wine blogging and wine websites). I’m including the article about us below, but I highly recommend picking up an issue […]

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London Ignite 4 – Pretending to be an expert with Ryan O’Connell

The video went up of my talk at O’Reilly’s London Ignite 4. I announced earlier that I would be presenting on Pretending to be an Expert. And while it went very well, I get the sense that some people were hoping for a how to. Which will surely come soon. I’ll do a tutorial on […]

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Naked Ambitions and l’Amateur de Bordeaux

My UK importer Naked Wines just celebrated its second birthday.  And like all good business relationships, I feel like any cause for them to celebrate is a cause for me to celebrate as well.  They’ve come very far in 2 years, and it seems like they have a lot farther to go.  The Naked Wines […]

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ParisWeb 2010 – My Tiny Brain’s effort to summarize

So I went to ParisWeb, an amazing technology conference where some of the most gifted coders and technicians in France and from around the world came together to share massive amounts of information. I was given the fantastic opportunity to share some of my web insights and I thank everybody at the conference who sat […]

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