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Tra La La with Pat Boone or the Griffin Brothers

Every day in January brings us another tra la la tune to sing while we drink our Trah Lah Lah wines.   And there are only 38 cases left in our January offer for UK residents looking for a bit of Trah lah lah, O’Syrah and Proprietor’s Reserve.   Act fast! Today’s a beautiful R&B […]

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Red Elvises Tra la la

Today’s tra la la song comes from Russia with love.   Excuse the poor quality of this recording.  You can hardly tell the chorus is tra la la. The Red Elvises must have had a bit too much Trah Lah Lah before performing the song, because normally the lead vocals are a dude on this […]

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The real You Touch My Tra la la Song

A new tra la la song for every day in January!  And today, UK readers of this blog can actually grab a mixed case with a couple bottles fo Trah Lah Lah wine at an incredibly discounted price. Thursday, I posted the wildly popular Ding Dong Song by Gunther and the Sunshine Girls.  But the […]

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Carmen’s Tra la la, a bit more serious

Every day in January promises another Tra la la song to sing when you drink a bit of our Trah Lah Lah wine. But yesterday’s ding dong song was so over the top ridiculous, I feel like we should get back to something more serious. Today’s song is from Bizet’s opera Carmen. The first bit […]

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Ooh, you touch my tra la la, my ding ding dong

We’re posting lots of songs about tra la la, and encouraging you to sing them after drinking a bit of Trah Lah Lah wine. While today’s song is embarrassingly cheesy, I’d be remiss to ignore it. I vaguely remember the first time I saw this music video. I believe it was in college, before YouTube. […]

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LaVern Baker Tra La La 78

Here’s a 78 recording of LaVern Baker (I think with her backing band The Gliders) performing Tra la la. Just one more song you might sing if you and your loved one have a bit of trah lah lah wine this year. If you like this song, you might want to check out Tweedlee Dee […]

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PUNK TRA LA LA – The Dickies cover of Banana Splits

I’m continuing to post a trah lah lah song each day in honor of our Trah Lah Lah cuvée. Today we’re going punk with The Dickies cover of the Banana Splits theme song. The original version was the theme song for the Banana Splits Adventure Hour in the 1970s The Dickies cover was recorded in […]

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Tra La La – La Boiteuse, French drinking song

I’m continuing to post a trah lah lah song each day in honor of our Trah Lah Lah cuvée. Today’s hits really close to home. This is a chanson paillarde or sort of naughty drinking song. Very often, at the end of big lunches and dinners, once everybody has had a lot of trah lah […]

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Trah Lah Lah January – An American in Paris with Gene Kelly and Oscar Levant

Alright. it’s January 2012. I’m full of ideas and energy.  I just finished up the Trah Lah Lah 2010 blend (it’s awesome) and I want to celebrate that.  So I’m going to post songs with a lyric like Trah Lah Lah or Tra la la or Tra Lee Lah or whatever until I run out […]

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Suzy Delair Avec Son Tra la la helps lift wires and morale

What better way to bring you a breath of fresh air than Suzy Delair singing about Trah lah lah?!

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