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Carcassonne Metropolitan Area

This is an official map of the Carcassone Region Villemoustaussou included: The purple colored area designated the Carcassonne Metropolitan area, including Villemoustaussou which is desserved by the Carcassonne public transportation. O’Vineyards is located in Villemoustaussou, at just 10 minutes from the Carcassone airport, Carcassonne train station and the Carcassonne Medieval Castle.

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History of Villemoustaussou Winemaking

The land and vines that we refer to as O’Vineyards have been around for a very long time and they’ve had many names and many farmers. I’m always picking up little bits about the vineyard’s history, and a friend just loaned a book to me that might help shed some light on the vineyard’s origins. […]

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TGV through Carcassonne

France’s high speed train, the TGV, will one day carry passengers between Toulouse and Narbonne.  The line will also have a Carcassonne stop.  I’m following developments in the planning of this future train line pretty closely.  I’ve uploaded the slideshow presented to the public recently concerning potential installation sites for the new tracks around Carcassonne […]

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Villemoustaussou’s biggest Internet phenomenon

At O’Vineyards, we try very hard to get people buzzing about the Languedoc, Aude, Carcassonne, and even my tiny village of Villemoustaussou. And we are pretty good at making people talk. Somewhere along the line, I started assuming I was Villemoustaussou’s leading voice online…. But I was wrong. Villemoustaussou’s most viral video Patrick Sébastien’s music […]

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Bed & Breakfast Exterior shots

I took some exterior photos of O’Vineyards Bed & Breakfast now that it’s nearing completion.  Things are looking good! You can really see how close the rooms are to the vines.  How clear the sky is.  This is life on a vineyard after all! This is the window of the Cabardes room.  You can look […]

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Quarry Update – Everything looks okay for now

This is probably the last update about the Quarry Project in Villemoustaussou (at least for now). Even though I panicked last week when I received the email notification of the proposed quarry installation, this week has been full of research and helpful advice from friends. Here’s the long summary of the quarry project.  I still […]

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Quarry Update – Distance & Lake Project

This is another quick update on the quarry project in Villemoustaussou. I’m trying to find the study about the project.  The DREAL office that conducted the preliminary studies is out of the office this week so I can’t get in touch with them until after the deadline for reading it.  There is a physical copy […]

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Quarry Update – Environmental Risks of Villemoustaussou Quarry?

Last Friday evening, I received an alarming email about the installation of a quarry several kilometers away from O’Vineyards.  The email said I had until Monday to respond. Given the lack of detail and the strange time of delivery of the email, I panicked and posted on the blog.  Some of you have graciously offered […]

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Quarry Project in Villemoustaussou

I got an alarming email about a quarry project in the town where I make my wine.  It’s very short notice!  I have to respond by Monday and I don’t know anything about this project. I got this email from the person at the Chamber of Agriculture who has been acting as a general manager […]

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