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Experimental Wine Tank – Harvesting O’Blivion

In September 2011, we did a special harvest and micro vinification with part of the Merlot, Cabernet and Syrah. Two of the WWOOFers (volunteers learning about farming) staying at O’Vineyards spent a couple days hand-harvesting grapes for a small project of mine. Harvesting O’Blivion We brought the harvest in and did a natural, whole-cluster extended […]

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Rare Green Growth in Syrah Vines in November

Normally, this is the time of year when the whole vineyard goes dormant.  The leaves change color and fall off as the green vines turn into wood.  But this year we’re seeing a lot of unusual behavior in the Syrah vines where many plants are actually growing new leaves! How vines usually behave This is […]

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TGV through Carcassonne

France’s high speed train, the TGV, will one day carry passengers between Toulouse and Narbonne.  The line will also have a Carcassonne stop.  I’m following developments in the planning of this future train line pretty closely.  I’ve uploaded the slideshow presented to the public recently concerning potential installation sites for the new tracks around Carcassonne […]

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Agritourism Guide visits O’Vineyards

Tonton Marcel, a French and German guide to agritourism, dropped by O’Vineyards toward the end of harvest.  They’re on the lookout for the  unpretentious, country relation of Mr. and Mrs. Smith who also runs accommodations on the farm. Photos they took while here   Tonton Marcel separates the wheat from the chaff I think this […]

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Toulouse Wine Tasting

A lot of people ask me what wine regions are closest to Toulouse, because they’d like to get out of the city to taste some wine.  I thought I’d write up my wine tasting recommendations in one place. If you want to spend a day visiting a wine region near Toulouse, I’m naturally going to […]

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Checking Grape Ripeness

The grapes are getting ripe enough to start talking about harvest dates.  I’ve been tasting grapes in the Cabernet and Merlot multiple times a day with everybody who comes through on the winery tour.  I go out to the Syrah once every couple of days to taste there too.  And of course, the real expert […]

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Casual Wine Tour Atmosphere

note: This post is written as advice for winemakers offering tours.  If you are looking to participate in a wine tour, you can learn about our winery visits and wine tastings. By looking at feedback we receive from our clients through social media and review sites like TripAdvisor, we’ve learned a surprising lesson about the […]

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#1 Attraction in Languedoc Roussillon on TripAdvisor

TripAdvisor users who look for “Things to Do” in the Languedoc Roussillon region are presented with a top 3 attractions list, and Domaine O’Vineyards is the number 1 attraction on that list!  We also placed #1 on the complete list of 174 things to do in Languedoc Roussillon. What is TripAdvisor TripAdvisor is the world’s […]

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Winery Pictures from 6 Years Ago (2005)

I had to reorganize all the photos on our computer systems and I found some real pearls from the first few years at O’Vineyards (some of them are back when it was le Domaine du Thou! and not even called O’Vineyards yet). Nostalgia time The first year we were at O’Vineyards, there wasn’t a winery […]

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End of Veraison at O’Vineyards

I managed to take some pictures yesterday.  Lots of photos of the Syrah and Cabernet finishing veraison.  That’s the period when the plant turns the grapes purple. I also found some baby birds newly hatched in the Syrah! For more pictures of grapes turning purple, check out this Love That Languedoc post about veraison in […]

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