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2011 Vintage Report

2011 Vintage Report People have been asking me about how the vintage is going to turn out since back in August.  I’m always hesitant to guess at quality that early in the game, and this year is a perfect example of why we shouldn’t be too confident in our speculation. All year, the vines were […]

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Rural Holiday Vintage Video

I found an amazing vintage video in the Prelinger Archives where the US Department of Agriculture Soil Conservation Service is encouraging farmers to start catering to farm tourism.  Circa 1965. It’s perfectly hokey.  But it’s also interesting to see some old ideas about rural tourism (and consider that many of the ideas remain the same […]

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Harvesting at O’Vineyards 2011

We started the machine harvest on September 15, 2011.  The weather’s been perfect and the grapes came in very cool as we started predawn (4h45AM).  A few surprises but lots of good things to report.  High hopes for the rest of harvest and the potential of this vintage for the entire Languedoc Roussillon! I don’t […]

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