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Michel Remondat explains Vitisphere Editorial

If you’re a normal person who is just looking for a fun wine blog to read, run away from this crazy dirt-drinking wino.  Or maybe think about pretending to be a wine expert. Yesterday, I posted my thoughts about a confounding Vitisphere editorial that argues about the downside of digital communications.  What ensues is the obligatory publication […]

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Are wine drinkers qualified to review wines?

This is a post in response to an editorial in Vitisphere.  The author has since responded here. I was a little shocked when reading the editorial on the most recent Vitisphere which concludes with the following: “Enfin, il faudra accepter une certification des acteurs de la critique, de la notation, par une Autorité, sinon les […]

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Vin 2.0 addendum

After reading Midi-Vin’s very good post (in French) about Le Vin 2.0, I have realized that my summary left a lot to be desired.  The main shortcoming is that I focused entirely on the speeches and I totally ignored the most important part of every conference: ambiance and audience. So let me take a short […]

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