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Wine Blogger Ethics

There’s an ongoing conversation about wine blogger ethics which is regularly brought up at conferences like VinoCamp or every time a government enacts new policies about blogging.  And I just saw some people tweeting about it recently. Ignore this debate My very short answer to this issue is that if you are thinking about starting […]

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L’Express – An American in Carcassonne

This summer, we were very excited to be featured in a special wine issue of L’Express magazine in France.  This is a national magazine and the equivalent of TIME in the United States.  So it’s got a wide reach, and the people reading it aren’t necessarily wine geeks. Billing me as an American in Carcassonne, […]

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VinoCamp Lisbon – The Language Barrier

There was an interesting panel at VinoCamp Lisbon where participants discussed the language barriers between different wine blogging communities. Overall, the round table discussion was very interesting.  I particularly liked Vicky’s idea at the end about designated cultural leaders (which I’ll address in detail below). Here’s a video of the roundtable: Language Barriers at Conferences […]

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Wine Blogger Ethics – VinoCamp Languedoc

This post is about one of the round table discussions from VinoCamp Languedoc in March 2011.  I hesitate to label it as “wine blogger ethics” since that’s a big subject.  Miss Glouglou proposed and led the roundtable topic, and she had a more specific idea about what we’d discuss.  We set out to address the […]

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Love That Bourgogne? BourgogneLive gets BourgogneLove

Today is a surprise party for BourgogneLive, an exceptionally dynamic web blog that runs on hopes and dreams in the Bourgogne region of France.  If you think I’m insane to spend so much time on the web, you need to meet Aurélien Ibanez and François Desperrier.  They’re not even winemakers.  They’re not even wine merchants.  […]

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What subjects do winemakers blog about?

I noticed that Hervé Bizeul has been on a self-reflective flurry, pontificating on what defines a wine blogger’s philosophical imperatives or something. The point is we all wonder what to blog about at some point or another. I thought it would be funny to share this pie chart that breaks down the content of most […]

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