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Catavino’s Top 10 Winery Website Mistakes

I just realized that my long post about how to build the perfect winery website is really very very derivative of a post on the Top 10 Winery Website Mistakes from Catavino dating all the way back to 2007. Catavino’s Top 10 Winery Website Mistakes: Hard to find email address Flash No information about wines […]

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Directory Listings for Winery and Vineyard Websites

Some people say that adding your website to relevant directories will help Internet surfers find your website. Not only can they find you through the directory, the links can also help search engines figure out what your site is about. This second part is only true if you use really relevant directories. I’ve previously written […]

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Blog Visitors and Vineyard Visits.

I want to change the way winemakers think about participation in social media. I want them to stop treating twitter and facebook like some alien ritual that just goes against the grain of their character. I need them to start thinking about social media the same way they think about every other kind of social […]

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What do Winemakers Blog About? – How to Choose Your Blog Content

On the tail of posting the “winemaker drinks dirt” video, I’ve been having lots of conversations about how I choose my content.  Between O’Vineyards and Love That Languedoc, I’ve done very silly videos, very informative videos, straight documentary, and very casual “slice of life” videos. And people weigh in all over the place.   Some think […]

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