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utterly delicious

Customer review of Domaine O’Vineyards Proprietor’s Reserve 2005:

Posted by Nik Denley on 19:03 29/05/2011

Comment on: Domaine O’Vineyards Proprietor’s Reserve 2005

I was asked the question, would I buy this again. YES! YES I would – utterly delicious. Definitely, needs a good breath before hand. My husband was so enthused with it that I took that moment to tell him that I’d bought a share in the vineyard ….

Okay, we’re getting a lot of great reviews and it’s hard picking which one to throw on the site.  This one isn’t really a tasting note, but it tells a story and made me laugh aloud.

For background information, we’re offering a share of a parcel of O’Vineyards through Naked Wines.  100 customers will team together to rent a vineyard parcel in the south of France and have it fermented and bottled with their own label.  Nik has bought one of those shares.  So she found the perfect way to break the news to her hubby.  “So do you like the wine?  Good!  Because you maaaybeee… might have bought the vineyard that makes it… just a little… wow, glad that’s out of the way. How was your day?”


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