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Winemakers using video

I know I talk a lot about how awesome Languedoc Roussillon bloggers are.  But today, I’m gonna link to some folks outside of the region.  Other young winemakers who use video effectively.

Herrenhof – A small family vineyard.  Blogging in German and English.  I feel like this guy is as involved in day to day work as my dad and me.  That’s sort of the magic of video.  It conveys so much without explicitly saying anything.  Watch for yourself and I’m sure you’ll agree that this dude is very passionate about his grapes.

Quevedo – Oscar of Oscar’s Wine fame blogs in English and Portuguese. He does a lot of video too. He makes a mistake in this one, but it conveys the point that he is a dude who does videos in the vines. Maybe I just like people who go out and film outdoors.

La Gramiere – Young couple in the southeast of France with some very earnest videos.

Looking at these choices, it strikes me that I really like outdoors episodes. Maybe I should do more myself. It’s just that darned wind! Great for grapes but terrible for my microphone. :D

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