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Cooking Workshops at O’Vineyards
Cooking Workshops at O'Vineyards

“The wines were exceptional…Liz O’Connell is also a wonderful cook and at the vineyard they run cooking classes and also tours where the guests are treated to lovely food as well.” –JamieOliver.com, Danny McCubbin – Editor Food and wine at O’Vineyards My mom, Liz O’Connell, is a really great cook!  She’s always provided something to [...]

O’Vineyards Winery Tour
O'Vineyards Winery Tour

When you stay at O’Vineyards B&B, you should definitely take the vineyard tour. Winery and vineyard tours are normally 25€ per person, but the tour is complimentary for all guests at our Bed & Breakfast. Domaine O’Vineyards 885 Avenue de la Montagne Noire 11620 Villemoustaussou GPS coordinates: 43.259622, 2.340387 Google Maps – Mappy – Bing [...]

Metairie Montplaisir – Table d’Hote
Metairie Montplaisir - Table d'Hote

A neighborhood table d’hote If you enjoy eating at O’Vineyards Table d’Hote, you might also want to check out our neighbor’s restaurant service.  Metairie Montplaisir is a just fifteen minute drive from O’Vineyards and offers a totally different dining style. Metairie Montplaisir 2 Avenue René Cassin 11600 Conques sur Orbiel 33 4 68 25 87 [...]

O’Vineyards Table d’Hote
O'Vineyards Table d'Hote

As seen on Jamie Oliver’s Website “The wines were exceptional…Liz O’Connell is also a wonderful cook and at the vineyard they run cooking classes and also tours where the guests are treated to lovely food as well.” –JamieOliver.com, Danny McCubbin – Editor At O’Vineyards Table d’Hote, you can enjoy O’Vineyards wines the way they were [...]

Franck Putelat’s Le Parc – Carcassonne
Franck Putelat's Le Parc - Carcassonne

Le Parc is a must-see for foodies visiting Carcassonne. Franck Putelat, who used to be the chef at La Barbacane opened his own restaurant just outside the medieval castle where he has perfected his focus on nouvelle cuisine. Le Parc Chemin des Anglais 11000 Carcassonne 33 (0)4 68 71 80 80 Open Tuesday-Saturday closed from [...]

Jardin de L’ Evêque – Restaurant in Carcassonne
Jardin de L' Evêque - Restaurant in Carcassonne

There are dozens of places to eat within the ramparts of the medieval Cité de Carcassonne. When the weather’s nice, try to find a place to eat outside. Several restaurants have an exterior sitting area. Le Jardin de l’Eveque carries O’Vineyards wine and has a whole menu designed to be eaten outdoors in the shade [...]

La Barbacane – Hotel de la Cité
La Barbacane - Hotel de la Cité

There are lots of wonderful places to eat in the Carcassonne area.  But very few restaurants can compete with the cachet of eating in La Barbacane, a gastronomic restaurant decorated in the rich, neo-gothic style that defines the medieval castle of Carcassonne. La Barbacane Place Auguste-Pierre Pont 11000 Carcassonne +33 4 68 71 98 71 [...]

Harvest Barbecue
Harvest Barbecue

It’s August and we’re enjoying the summer sunshine that helps ripen the grapes at this time of year. One of our favorite things to do is to abandon the kitchen and hit up the barbecue.  BBQ lets everybody enjoy the weather and natural surroundings of the vineyard. Here are some photos of a garden party [...]

Walking Trails – Plateau de la Bade
Walking Trails - Plateau de la Bade

O’Vineyards is located on the highest part of Villemoustaussou and the Syrah vines are actually on the Plateau de la Bade which reaches 200 meters above sea level.  While staying at O’Vineyards, you’ll have the opportunity to walk along the various trails on the Plateau de la Bade. Garrigue It’s more than just a pretty [...]


Carcassonne is a great place to get amazing food because we’re smack in the middle of so many different geographical regions.  You have foie gras and magret de canard from the southwest.  You find great agricultural produce as you move north and west along the Canal du Midi to Toulouse.  There are cheeses to the [...]

Common Room – Breakfast Area Photos
Common Room - Breakfast Area Photos

O’Vineyards Bed & Breakfast has a beautiful and comfortable common room where you can relax, eat breakfast, get coffee, use the free wifi, meet other people staying at the B&B, or find a corkscrew! Here are some photos of the common area that will hopefully entice you to have a seat and relax. Tweet

Picnic near Gouffre Geant de Cabrespine
Picnic near Gouffre Geant de Cabrespine

Some of our guests visited the Gouffre Geant de Cabrespine, an amazing geological formation north of Carcassonne and O’Vineyards. They planned a lovely picnic in the mountains near Cabrespine. These winding mountain roads that lead to Cabrespine often have beautiful little rest areas and trails alongside them. If you bring a picnic basket, you’re bound [...]

Picnic in Castle Ruins near Carcassonne
Picnic in Castle Ruins near Carcassonne

A few nights ago, I visited the castle ruins of the Chateaux de Lastours with a picnic basket and some guests. I’m a big fan of picnics.  They’re a fantastic way to enjoy the natural surroundings and historic sites of the region around O’Vineyards.  Plus, if you ever have one of the really big meals [...]

Carcassonne Room Photos
Carcassonne Room Photos

One of our visitors had a really nice camera so I borrowed it to take some photos of the Carcassonne Room. It’s hard to convey how big and comfy this room really is.  And it’s tough to show the Merlot vines outside without messing up the lighting indoors.  I hope these pictures make you want [...]

Views from the rooms
Views from the rooms

I just ran around this morning and snapped some quick shots of the views from each room. This was around 8 in the morning, so the pictures aren’t toooo bright.  But you get the idea.  Effortless photos still look gorgeous.  Stunning vineyard vistas from every window.  Heaven! Tweet

Harvest – Winemaker Camp and B&B
Harvest - Winemaker Camp and B&B

We’re coming up on a very exciting time of year.  In 45 days or so, we’ll be very close to harvesting the grapes and starting the fermentation process.  This is a really fun time for people to stay on a vineyard because of all the harvest activity! While breakfast tends to be a little less [...]

Window views during construction
Window views during construction

These are all photos I took of the views from O’Vineyards B&B rooms while it was still under construction.  Things have come a long way! Tweet

Syrah Room Photos from F.J.
Syrah Room Photos from F.J.

We love it when our guests take photos of their room or the vineyard.  An English couple who stayed in the Syrah room took these photos in July.  Candid photos show you exactly what the rooms look like when you get here, so you’ll have no bad surprises! This kind of reminds me of Room [...]

O’Vineyards B&B near Carcassonne
O'Vineyards B&B near Carcassonne

I’m Ryan O’Connell, a winemaker in the south of France.  My parents and I launched a bed & breakfast in the middle of our vines. At first, I just built the B&B into the vineyard/winery blog that I already run for O’Vineyards.  But it turns out that presenting a vineyard and presenting a B&B have [...]