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Bottling Wine at O’Vineyards
Bottling Wine at O'Vineyards

After an epic bottling session (over 30,000 bottles!), it’s nice to kick back and enjoy the product of all that hard work.  Some of our guests took pictures of the bottling line while they were here, and then we sat down to drink some of the newly bottled wine. People say you’re not supposed to [...]

Toulouse Wine Tasting Weekend
Toulouse Wine Tasting Weekend

Get out of Toulouse for a couple days and enjoy one of the closest winemaking regions.  Driving from the peripherique of Toulouse to Villemoustaussou will take about 1 hour by car.  Once here, you’ll be surrounded by vines and the comforts of country life.  You’ll forget all about Airbus and your job in Toulouse as [...]

One Night, Many Wines – Wine Tasting Weekend
One Night, Many Wines - Wine Tasting Weekend

O’Vineyards Bed & Breakfast is proud to offer a new special called “One Night, Many Wines”.  You can participate in an extravagant tasting of O’Vineyards wines, enjoy a massive dinner, and retire to the peaceful comfort of your room in the middle of the vines. How many wines? MANY wines.  We’ll taste a full vertical [...]

Wine Tasting Weekend
Wine Tasting Weekend

O’Vineyards B&B is the perfect base of operations for a wine tasting weekend in the south of France. At different times of year, we offer a variety of in-house Wine Tasting Weekends where you can spend a couple of days exploring winemaking and wine drinking with the O’Connell family. Alternatively, you can plan day trips [...]

Canal du Midi – Pont du Fresquel
Canal du Midi - Pont du Fresquel

The Canal du Midi, one of the most interesting historical monuments in the entire region passes right through Villemoustaussou.  A few kilometers from the estate, you can park near the Pont du Fresquel canal lock and walk or ride bikes along the Canal du Midi, a UNESCO world heritage site. Advice about Engjoying the Canal [...]