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Blogger’s Discount at O’Vineyards B&B

O’Vineyards is extending a special discount for visitors who communicate about their travels online. If you post videos, share photos, or write about your travel experience in the Languedoc Roussillon, you’re eligible for a discounted stay at O’Vineyards.

  • 25% off of your room (saving 38€/night)
  • Complimentary case of wine (valued at: €100) *
*If you cannot travel with wine (common problem faced by wine/travel writers), we will substitute the wine for a 5-course meal for 2 at our table d’hote. 


Bloggers and online communicators are amazing

Basically, we think that the Languedoc region needs more love, and we want to encourage online communicators because they are perfect for the job. Bloggers, Tweeters, and so on have really helped O’Vineyards out so this is our way of saying thanks.

We value all of our word of mouth recommendations, and we recognize the exceptional importance of Internet word-of-mouth since it’s more permanent and searchable and it really builds our B&B’s reputation.

If you write about your holiday, the whole region benefits

The truth is the whole region benefits from good publicity online, and we want to reward people who take the time to share their holiday experience. Even if you spend a week in other parts of the region and only swing by to see us for one night, we will be happy to extend this discount because we appreciate what you’re doing for our region.

We’re really happy that some of our visitors share their trips with the whole world (whether people run their own blogs or share vacation photos and posts frequently on sites like facebook and twitter), or write about their trip on various wine and travel sites.

And we think you deserve a special treat for all this sharing (even if it’s fun to share, we know it consumes a lot of your time!)

So, as of now, we’ll be offering this spectacular discount and some free wine to boot to anybody who shares their trip online.

Email us now to get your discounted stay and free case of wine at O’Vineyards

Be sure to mention that you’re applying for the online communicator discount in the comment section, and please give us links to the sites where you share your travel experiences.

We look forward to meeting you. You’re real ambassadors for the region and we’ll roll out the red carpet!

This idea was inspired by Les Jardins du Village, our neighbors in the Pic Saint Loup, who offer a similar discount to anybody who shares their love for the Cevennes online. We think it’s a great idea and hope that more accommodations will recognize the value of social media communicators visiting the region.


facebook screenshot

visitors sharing the love on facebook

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