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2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence
2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence

It’s a first for O’Vineyards B&B.! O’Vineyards Bed & Breakfast – Carcassonne O’Vineyards Wine & Food was awarded last year with the same Certificate of Excellence! Thanks to all our International Visitors! Cheers! Tweet

Holiday Wines and January Sales
Holiday Wines and January Sales

“O’Vineyards wine tasting combined with chocolate tasting = successful Christamas Eve!” –MS It’s absolutely heart warming to see pictures, tweets, and status updates about so many of you enjoying our wines during the holidays.  If you had a glass of O’Vineyards, I hope it was the perfect wine for a festive occasion.  A gathering of [...]

Carcassonne Market – Place Carnot
Carcassonne Market - Place Carnot

While you’re staying at O’Vineyards B&B, you might enjoy a short drive into Carcassonne to visit the local market in the Place Carnot.  Marketplaces like this one are a large part of French life and it’s always fun to see the big role fresh produce still plays in the lives of many locals. Place Carnot [...]

Bottling Wine at O’Vineyards
Bottling Wine at O'Vineyards

After an epic bottling session (over 30,000 bottles!), it’s nice to kick back and enjoy the product of all that hard work.  Some of our guests took pictures of the bottling line while they were here, and then we sat down to drink some of the newly bottled wine. People say you’re not supposed to [...]

Harvest – Winemaker Camp and B&B
Harvest - Winemaker Camp and B&B

We’re coming up on a very exciting time of year.  In 45 days or so, we’ll be very close to harvesting the grapes and starting the fermentation process.  This is a really fun time for people to stay on a vineyard because of all the harvest activity! While breakfast tends to be a little less [...]

Syrah Room Photos from F.J.
Syrah Room Photos from F.J.

We love it when our guests take photos of their room or the vineyard.  An English couple who stayed in the Syrah room took these photos in July.  Candid photos show you exactly what the rooms look like when you get here, so you’ll have no bad surprises! This kind of reminds me of Room [...]