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O'Vineyards B&B Carcassonne
Christmas Lunch near Carcassonne

This Christmas, we left the comfort of O’Vineyards Bed & Breakfast to eat lunch at La Barbacane Restaurant in l’Hotel de la Cité inside the medieval castle of Carcassonne. It’s one of the many Michelin starred restaurants within a twenty minute drive of our quaint country village.

Even though Villemoustaussou is just a tiny village (and Carcassonne only has about 50,000 residents), the region is so beautiful and its produce is so bountiful that we have a huge selection of chefs, markets and restaurants to enjoy. It’s really one of the most beautiful places on earth for a foodie because of the incredible diversity of our produce. Even in the winter months, we have rich meals showcasing ingredients like duck, goose, sea food, mountain cheeses, chestnuts, squash, and so on.

Some of these ingredients took center stage at our Christmas lunch. Photographs below:

If you stay at O’Vineyards B&B, you can easily venture out to restaurants like la Barbacane. Or you can stay in and order a meal at the winemaker’s table where you’ll enjoy the same sort of ingredients in a more home-cooked style.

Rich history, rich food, rich wine. What else could you ask for during the holidays?

La Barbacane
Place Auguste-Pierre Pont
11000 Carcassonne
+33 4 68 71 98 71

Thursdays to Mondays
from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Reservations required; Book a table
Download the autumn menu

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