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Cooking Workshops at O’Vineyards

“The wines were exceptional…Liz O’Connell is also a wonderful cook and at the vineyard they run cooking classes and also tours where the guests are treated to lovely food as well.”
JamieOliver.com, Danny McCubbin – Editor

liz prepares food ovineyardsFood and wine at O’Vineyards

My mom, Liz O’Connell, is a really great cook!  She’s always provided something to nibble on during the wine tastings at O’Vineyards, and our guests suggested she start teaching some of her original recipes.

Now, you can sign up for a cooking class with Liz and learn all her kitchen tricks to make easy dishes that impress everybody and pair well with O’Vineyards wine and other products from around Carcassonne.

O’Vineyards Cooking Workshops
885 Avenue de la Montagne Noire
11620 Villemoustaussou
+33 (0)6 30 18 99 10
Reservations REQUIRED!

goat cheese sablé with herbes du jardinWine and Food Pairings

We’d love to show you simple and good pairings. Big wines with rich food are a no brainer. But we won’t just teach you a bunch of rules to memorize. We try to teach how to taste and think for yourself. No hard fast rules.

Featured on Jamie Oliver’s website

Mom’s cooking was actually featured on jamieoliver.com because she focuses on a really easy, laid-back approach to food.  The goal with our food and wine workshops is never to scare people or make them feel overwhelmed.  Instead, we want to keep food and wine simple and approachable!

So no fancy degrees from French culinary institutes. No crazy tools that only Michelin-starred restaurants can afford.  Just good technique and fresh ingredients!

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  3. mroconnell says:

    Thank you for your inquiry. Our Cooking workshop runs every day. Booking is recommended. Please let us know when you have a date. Once the date is finalized, you can choose to confirm your reservation by direct payment on our shopping cart.

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