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O'Vineyards B&B Carcassonne
Holiday Wines and January Sales

“O’Vineyards wine tasting combined with chocolate tasting = successful Christamas Eve!”

It’s absolutely heart warming to see pictures, tweets, and status updates about so many of you enjoying our wines during the holidays.  If you had a glass of O’Vineyards, I hope it was the perfect wine for a festive occasion.  A gathering of family and friends.  And hopefully you had something good to eat! :)

Here are a few of the photos that people posted over the holidays with their O’Vineyards.  Please feel free to share yours too!  Just post them on facebook, twitter, naked wines, or email them to me.  :)

“Happy new year! Looking forward to visiting o’v in 2012 :)

You might only get to visit us every once in a while, but you can always open a bottle of Trah lah lah or Proprietor’s Reserve to relive the memories.

For more customer reviews, see the O’Vineyards wine reviews category on my winery blog.


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