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La Barbacane – Hotel de la Cité

There are lots of wonderful places to eat in the Carcassonne area.  But very few restaurants can compete with the cachet of eating in La Barbacane, a gastronomic restaurant decorated in the rich, neo-gothic style that defines the medieval castle of Carcassonne.

La Barbacane
Place Auguste-Pierre Pont
11000 Carcassonne
+33 4 68 71 98 71

Thursdays to Mondays
from 7:30 pm to 9:30 pm
Reservations required; Book a table
Download the autumn menu

The restaurant excels in using fresh local ingredients to make elegant dishes.  The focus is on traditional French cuisine, but Chef Jerome Ryon frequently forays into the unexpected (especially if you take the chef’s menu and let him surprise you).

La Barbacane has its own pastry chef and makes its own bread.  There is an extensive wine selection cellared underneath the cobbled streets of the medieval Cité.  The dining hall is wood-paneled and marked by its tall stained glass windows.  Every part of your surroundings makes you feel like you’ve traveled through time.

You’ll never forget this environment!  Not to mention the Michelin-starred food and service.

It’s also one of the few restaurants open on Monday. If you’re planning on eating out a lot while you’re in town, this is a great way to spend your Monday night. :)

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