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O'Vineyards B&B Carcassonne
O’Vineyards B&B near Carcassonne

facade of o'vineyards winery and b&b behind merlot vinesI’m Ryan O’Connell, a winemaker in the south of France.  My parents and I launched a bed & breakfast in the middle of our vines.

At first, I just built the B&B into the vineyard/winery blog that I already run for O’Vineyards.  But it turns out that presenting a vineyard and presenting a B&B have very different requirements.

For one thing, photos are much more important to a potential hotel guest than they are to a potential wine drinker.  For whatever reason, people are okay with buying a bottle of wine without ever seeing a photo of the winery or vines.  But for lodging accommodations, it seems that photos are much more important.  People want very big, specific images that convey the details of the accommodation as well as the ambiance.  And I just couldn’t do that in the framework of the other site.

So here it is, the new project: The O’Vineyards Lodging Blog.  It’s primary purpose will be to have a few nice pages that explain the B&B accommodations, location, how to book, etc.  But who knows.  The blog may take on a life of its own.  We’ll see how moved I am to write about lodging instead of wine.

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