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Picnic near Gouffre Geant de Cabrespine
gouffre geant de cabrespine

gouffre geant de cabrespine

Some of our guests visited the Gouffre Geant de Cabrespine, an amazing geological formation north of Carcassonne and O’Vineyards. They planned a lovely picnic in the mountains near Cabrespine.

These winding mountain roads that lead to Cabrespine often have beautiful little rest areas and trails alongside them. If you bring a picnic basket, you’re bound to find a peaceful place to sit and enjoy your meal.

Additionally, caves like the Gouffre de Cabrespine or the Grotte de Limousis tend to be a little chilled so you’ll enjoy soaking in some sun when you emerge from your spelunking/visit. Or

vice versa, if the picnic gets a bit too warm, you can always slink into another cool cave tour.

And I definitely recommend checking out the gouffre if you’re a geology nerd or just like looking at pretty rocks.

These rocks are quite pretty! :D

picnic in the mountains

Our guests made a little picnic basket with some O’Vineyards wine and some delicious bits and bobs from the local baker and butcher. It’s the perfect way to take in some of the scenery while you make your way around the south of France.

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