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O'Vineyards B&B Carcassonne
Syrah Room Photos from F.J.

We love it when our guests take photos of their room or the vineyard.  An English couple who stayed in the Syrah room took these photos in July.  Candid photos show you exactly what the rooms look like when you get here, so you’ll have no bad surprises!

This kind of reminds me of Room 77 who collects photos from every hotel room in a hotel to compare data like room views and size and position.  You have a lot of options when you’re organizing a trip to Carcassonne, and we owe it to you to give you all the information you need to make a good decision and have the best trip possible!

Room 77 hasn’t collected any data about Carcassonne hotels yet, and it might be a while before they start scouring the vineyards of the south of France.  So in the meantime, here is our little version of Room 77.  You get to see the room, surroundings, the views, and all of that while you’re still planning your trip.

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