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Les Ampelofolies – Truffle Festival
Les Ampelofolies - Truffle Festival

Every year, on the Saint Vincent (patron saint of winemakers), there is a truffle market in Moussoulens.  The market is called les ampelofolies and it celebrates the link between wine, truffles, and all sorts of produits du terroir (including berets apparently). Here are some pictures of les Ampelofolies from January 22, 2012. This event takes [...]

Fête des Vendanges – Carcassonne
Fête des Vendanges - Carcassonne

The third Thursday of October kicks off the Fête des Vendanges in Carcassonne.  It’s a large celebration where local winemakers team up with local restaurants and put on a lavish show.  You can wander around the Place Carnot or Place Eggenfelden, enjoy lots of food and wine, and listen to some pretty cool music. O’Vineyards [...]