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The Beret Game

There are many wonderful ways to pass time in the south of France.  But one of my favorites is the Beret Game.  It’s very simple.  You go to an outdoor event or public place and try to find the largest concentration of berets possible.

If you have a camera, the goal is to take a tight shot with as many people wearing berets as you can fit in the frame.  There are bonus points if you take a picture where the beret-wearers outnumber the non-bereted heads.

Today, I was at les Ampelofolies 2012 in Moussoulens and I played the beret game while waiting for the truffle market to open.  Here are the results:

If you’re with friends, play to see who can get the most berets in one shot.  Or take a picture of every beret and compare photos later to see who got the most interesting looking hats.

There is also the inverted beret game where you try to take a photo of the largest possible area WITHOUT somebody wearing a beret.  At some events, this is harder than it sounds!

You can also include optional rules like “No moustaches” so you have to take a picture with a beret but without a mustache.  Again, much harder than it sounds!

And finally, there is Beret bingo although this requires a little more preparation.  And it deserves its own blog post.

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