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Wine Tasting Weekend
Joe O'Connell draws wine from a barrel during a winery visit

Joe O'Connell draws wine from a barrel during a winery visit

O’Vineyards B&B is the perfect base of operations for a wine tasting weekend in the south of France.

At different times of year, we offer a variety of in-house Wine Tasting Weekends where you can spend a couple of days exploring winemaking and wine drinking with the O’Connell family.

Alternatively, you can plan day trips to any of the dozen wine regions in the surrounding area. Hundreds of different wineries lie within a thirty minute drive and we’ll help you find the best vineyards to visit.

Wine Tasting Weekend at O’Vineyards

This is a list of Wine Tasting Weekends we’ve offered in the past.  Email us about any of these offers and we can try to make it happen.

  • One Night, Many Wines – Perfect 1 night get-away
  • Toulouse Wine Tasting Weekend – get out of the city for a bit
  • Carcassonne Wine Tasting Weekend – 2 nights with wines of Carcassonne
  • Garrigue Workshop and Wine Tasting – Discover the local flora and vines
  • Cooking Workshop and Wine Tasting – Cook with local ingredients to pair with local wines
  • Canal du Midi Wine Tasting – Hop off the boat to taste some terroir

I hope some of those wine tastings sound interesting.  Feel free to email ryan@ovineyards.com or call +33 (0)6 30 18 99 10 and customize your own wine weekend!

O’Vineyards as a base of operations

Villemoustaussou is a tiny village that shares a border with Carcassonne.  That means we’re well-located to do a variety of wine trips.  The following wine regions are all located in and around Carcassonne:

  • IGP Cité de Carcassonne
  • AOP Cabardes
  • AOP Malepere
  • AOP Minervois
  • AOP Corbieres

If you’re willing to spend a little more time in the car, you can reach:

  • AOP Limoux (most famous for their sparkling Blanquette de Limoux)
  • AOP La Clape
  • AOP Minervois la Liviniere

And farther afield, you’ll find:

  • AOP Fitou
  • AOP Faugeres
  • AOP Pic Saint Loup
  • AOP Terrasses du Larzac
  • AOP Maury
  • AOP Cotes du Roussillon
  • AOP Banyuls
  • and many many more

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