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A New Face at O’Vineyards

“Joe, Ryan and I do everything with our hearts, hands and minds here. Any way that you can contribute, you are welcome to do.”

Hello to all! My name is Amber, and I’m a new face here at O’Vineyards this summer. The above quote is my job description, and a very stimulating one at that. As many of you know, Ryan is working in Napa Valley, and I’ll be blogging in his place for the next several weeks.

By way of introduction, I am a friend of Ryan’s from our college years at Tulane University in New Orleans, Louisiana. I grew up in the New Orleans area until I spent my junior year abroad studying in Paris in 2006. I’ve more or less lived in Paris since then, whether for studies or work–but always for play. I love French culture, especially the food and wine. (I just might fit in around here…)

I just arrived at O’Vineyards yesterday, meaning I missed the annual Bastille Day fireworks show over Carcassonne. Zut alors! Luckily, my parents and I were in town for this incredible event back in 2011. My family happened to be the first official guests (in other words, guinea pigs) for the beautiful, newly built bed and breakfast.

I am thrilled to be here in Villemoustaussou to lend a hand to Liz and Joe at the vineyard and bed and breakfast this summer. I am very thankful for this opportunity to learn more about the way things work at O’Vineyards–and I will be sure to keep y’all posted on all the exciting developments during my stay.

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  1. @Cecile_Costa Says:

    Hi! Welcome in this area! You will sure enjoy your work! Hope we will meet you :-) around tasting wine! Do not hesitate to visit us if you want to discover the Valley of Agly in Fenouillèdes.
    Domaine Revelh

  2. mroconnell Says:

    Hello! Thank you Cecile for your kind, welcoming words. I will be sure to stop by very soon!

  3. Louise Hurren Says:

    Hi Amber, on behalf of the Languedoc Outsiders group (of which O’Vineyards is a member), welcome to Languedoc! We hope you enjoy your time here. If we can be of any help to you (information, contacts, whatever…) just reach out. All the best, Louise

  4. mroconnell Says:

    Hi Louise! Thank you very much and I will sure to be in touch.

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