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European Wine Bloggers Conference 2010 – Ongoing Series

I am finally back in the comfort of my own winery after a long and wonderful trip to Paris and Vienna.  The European Wine Bloggers’ Conference was an absolute blast.  The word for the week was overwhelming.  Lots of wine, lots of learning, lots of laughing, lots of beauty.  Everything was just wonderful.

I guess we should break this up into multiple posts because the trip was sooo varied and momentous.

Alright, an ongoing series on the EWBC 2010 in Vienna and the surrounding Austrian wine country. As the series goes on, I’ll update this post to be a sort of index or table of contents for the EWBC posts, photos and links.

Keynotes and Tastings that virtually everybody did:

The mini-conferences and workshops:

The press trips and parties:

Other pertinent, less insane articles about the EWBC:

Other languages posting about EWBC

Other resources and indeces:

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  1. Mariëlla Beukers Says:

    Great list already. You will find two other blogposts on EWBC at, one on Roter Veltliner, and one on the conference itself….

  2. Julia Sevenich Says:

    Thanks for putting this together! This is a fantastic resource.
    I have an ongoing series of articles and videos about all of the Austrian appelations (DACs) that we visited during the trip as well as the wine bars of Vienna which I visited with two other EWBC participants, Ruth and Sylvia. I have three more articles with videos that will be appearing soon as well. Here is the link:
    With the free Haidu iPhone app you can also locate several Austrian wine bars and wine-friendly restaurants as well as wineries on google maps and also find reviews about the restaurants and articles and blog entries too! @wisequeen also has a great article aboput the #ewbc there.
    Thanks Ryan!

  3. Magnus Reuterdahl Says:

    You presume correctly – the post is written in language in Swedish – thanks for the link :D

    Magnus Reuterdahl

  4. Tweets that mention O’Vineyards Winemaker Blog » Blog Archive » European Wine Bloggers Conference 2010 – Ongoing Series — Says:

    […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Iris Rutz-Rudel, Iris Rutz-Rudel. Iris Rutz-Rudel said: alles, was Sie noch über die #Webausbeute nach der #ewbc in #Wien wissen wollten hier bei @mroconnell what else;-) […]

  5. ken payton Says:

    Excellent resource. Good work, Ryan.

  6. Christian G.E. Schiller Says:

    Schiller’s recap is not in German but in English. All my postings are in English. Cheers. Christian

  7. Eamon FitzGerald Says:

    Wow, thanks for posting! Looking forward to wading through these later.

  8. mroconnell Says:

    @Mariella, Thanks! I hope I can keep it up to date. Thanks for the tips.

    @Julia, The pleasure is mine. Thanks for reminding me of the Austrian Wine Adventure Tour. Even though it’s not strictly EWBC, it’s a real resource for anybody who is writing about Austria after the conference

    @Magnus, Phew, I sometimes look at all that bork bork bork and think it might be Norwegian … But I seemed to recall you being from Sweden. It was a pleasure to meet you and your lady. I hope you had as much fun as I did!!

    @Ken, always a pleasure. Seriously, awesome idea to visit parliament and ask about wine law. I hope to be as inspired on my future trips.

    @Schiller, HOW TIRED AM I? I can’t even tell English from German. Thanks for the correction and thanks for your post!! :)

    @Eamon, Dude, it’s a pleasure. And it was cool meeting you. Til next time!!

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