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London Ignite 4 – Pretending to be an expert with Ryan O’Connell

The video went up of my talk at O’Reilly’s London Ignite 4. I announced earlier that I would be presenting on Pretending to be an Expert. And while it went very well, I get the sense that some people were hoping for a how to. Which will surely come soon. I’ll do a tutorial on how to sound like a total wine snob. But for now, here is the video dramatization of my personal journey through wine expertise and wine ignorance.

For those who don’t know, this is a terrifying format in which you only have five minutes and your slides automatically advance every 15 seconds (so you gotta be fast, planned and effective).

Pretending to be an expert – by Ryan O’Connell from chichard41 on Vimeo.

I should mention here that there are lots of experts who actually are talented and knowledgable and so on. But most of them are confident enough in their own expertise not to be troubled by a silly ignite talk by little old Ryan anyway.

After talking to my parents, I realized I should also explain what the hell a lolcat is. Lulcatz are an Internet meme (trend) that involve photoshopping awful spelling and grammar onto adorable pictures of kittens. If that doesn’t make sense to you immediately, then don’t bother trying to understand. You never will. It’s just silly and the most base sense of Internet humor. In a way, the symbolic opposite of expertise.

I encourage you to check out other videos from London Ignite 4 on the dedicated vimeo channel.

PS – I’m sort of bummed that you can’t hear people laughing. Trust me, they were enjoying themselves. It’s the kind of crowd that really digs lolcats!

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  1. your brother Says:

    hey ryan.

    nice job but you need to slow down a little when you talk. i realize it shows passion and excitement but it also make you sound like your mumbling like a crazed wino on blvd saint-germain…

    you also need to add a facebook like and twitter icon on your posts… just sayin’… ;)

  2. mroconnell Says:

    Did you miss the part where the slides auto advance every 15 seconds?!? I AM a crazy wino :P

    and those buttons are for button hounds.

  3. Bourgogne Live Says:

    London sold out !!

    Get your tickets for the best one man show in the wine world !
    Spécial Ryan Wine Tour 2011 : Paris, Tokyo,Milan New York and Carcassone !

    You are the Best my friend!


  4. ryan Says:

    well done.

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