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Proprietor’s Reserve

40% Merlot / 40% Syrah / 20% Cabernet Sauvignon

A perfume that made me close my eyes, just to breathe it in. Sweet damson, spiced dried fruit, figs and wet tea leaves. Rich and chocolatey, with plenty of dark plum tang and cinnamon. This tastes much more American than Languedoc – something that is more or less what I have noticed in all their wines. Very long. Velvety. Hedonistic., Tamlyn Currin

reserve wine o'vineyardsThe reserve is our most daring wine, characterized by a long whole-berry fermentation in 500 Liter oak barrels.  Some people say this sort of “integral fermentation” creates wine with a totally different feel than traditional fermentation.  It retains fruit like a carbonic maceration, but it”s not quite a carbonic maceration because there is some air that gets in through the pores of the wood and the barrel’s open top when we take our daily measurements on each barrel.  The result has been described as sublime and hedonistic and every other good word there is. :)

One time, a customer asked me if I had ever tasted Screaming Eagle.  He assured me that it was almost as good as our Reserve. :D  I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is a legendary cuvée.  But I know that I love it.

“Loads of menthol and pepper spice fill the nose, with a supporting fruit core of black cherry, black currant and wild raspberry. The texture is like crushed satin but the tannins, though fine grain, have good staying power. Mocha and cherry pits add character to the close. L.B. (3/1/2011)  — 90″
The Wine Enthusiast

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