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This page has information about the wine and winemaking at O’Vineyards.

O’Vineyards Wines

Who are we?

My parents and I founded O’Vineyards in 2004 when we settled down in the Cabardes intent on crafting the perfect wines for those big, long lunches mom has always cooked. In so doing, we constantly strive to blend the best techniques and attitudes (and drinking habits) of the new world with the refinement, wisdom and character of the old world.

The Search for the Perfect Vineyard

After a thorough search that ranged from the vines of the Loire Valley to the those of the Mediterranean coast, we found this area which allowed us to work with both the cepages of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean creating balanced, full wine experiences.

We found 17 hectares of 25-year old vines in exactly the proportions of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah that we had looked for, and all we had to do after that was work like madmen.

The Methods

We pour over the vines, keep careful watch on the grapes, manually removed the haphazard, old trellis system and replaced it with a five wire system that supports the vines to grow far beyond the tops of the 2 meter galvanized posts.

The vines are tended to carefully and receive a great deal of care in the form of well-timed treatments, hand pruning, deleafing and a manual ebourgeonage. Between a reduced taille and hand-prunings, yields are kept exceptionally low.

Two separate wineries have been built on the premise, both allowing for all of the harvest work to be done by gravity. These buildings also serve to house the stainless steel egrappoir, sorting table, hydraulic elevating bin, hydraulic press, manual press and our new oak barrels.

The oak barrels have been drawn from an array of the most recognized coopers in France so that their work and effect on the wine can be compared and tested. We have also procured barrels of American oak and French oak to taste the difference between these two products for ourselves and make educated decisions about the future of our winery.

A significant portion of the grapes are hand-harvested, painstakingly hand-sorted and vinified in 500 L barrels.

All the wines are hand-sorted and moved by gravity before undergoing a careful vinification complete with multiple daily manual pigeages and regular soutirages.

Only a small portion of the best of the press juice gets mixed back into the production in order to maintain the outstanding purity of the product.

bottle of o'syrah

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