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Guest Photos of an O’Vineyards Visit

It’s nice to see the almond trees in full bloom and life returning to the vineyard.  The vines are never too far behind the almond trees.

It’s tough being away from the vineyard for so long, but I see it’s still in good hands with mom and dad.

The tourists are starting to flow through too and they’re still having a lot of fun greeting visitors.

Some of our regulars, Michael and Fay, came by to kick off the season and they took lots of nice pictures.  It’s nice to see some of the same faces every season because that’s a sign that O’Vineyards is fun enough to keep coming back.  And it’s cool that they like us enough to share the destination with their friends and relatives, bringing somebody new along each time.

It’s really magical to meet strangers and quickly become friends.  Folks like Michael and Fay feel like part of the family and we’re proud and lucky that they stumbled across O’Vineyards two years ago when we were just starting to offer tours!

If you’re looking to visit a vineyard near Carcassonne or eat some delicious home cooking with a winemaking family, drop us an email!

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