Je scanne tous les codes QR que je vois. Même au milieu de la présentation hilarante de @mroconnell

La présentation de Ryan O’Connell a #levin20 m’ennuie tellement que j’ai scanné le code QR dans ses diapos.

Et ça m’a amené à cette page là

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Thierry Desseauve is a really cool dude.  He’s obviously had a huge role in creating the contemporary wine scene that exists in France.  He’s come a long way since his departure from RDF and I’m glad he had time to talk at Vin 2.0 (a conference I talked about previously) since he’s usually busy with the multitude of projects that he spearheads with Michel Bettane.

Actually, with the Grand Tasting right around the corner, I was very surprised to learn that he’d be presenting at Vin 2.0 on the same panel as me.  We bookended it.  I started with a talk on how a winemaker can use social media to build a brand, and he finished.  And this was a great boon because he was able to address a lot of what I said in his presentation.  Several parts of his speech are addressed to me, and I think that in some sense, I was a proxy for all the world’s winemakers making good wine and looking for solutions.

I said some things in my presentation that he could have taken the wrong way.  About the high cost of live events and conventional advertising.  But instead he acknowledged that he as a media man has the important job of finding the people who do value old school marketing while simultaneously placing himself in the arena that folks like me value.

He’s talking about his efforts to change the focus of the wine business.   So that everybody focuses on the drinkers instead of each segment catering to some other middle man without ever thinking about our consumers.

I enjoyed the presentation.

And a big thanks to Isabelle from Vizioz Communication who filmed Desseauve’s presentation and put it on youtube.

A success  and many great compliments  adressed to Ryan by the net readers, the tweeter and facebook users……and more.

The article signed irishherault says it all.

“ViniSud 2010
Or take a young winemaker based just north of Carcassonne in the Aude, called Ryan O’Connell. On Thursday Ryan posted another new video to one of his sites (yes, he has several), Love That Languedoc.
It was about a presentation he gave at ViniSud 2010, about the first steps winemakers can take to get into Vin 2.0.

Ryan’s talk came at the end of the annual show in Montpellier, and while he didn’t get much of a crowd on the day, his presentation lives on through this video (isn’t the Internet great!), and it is now doing the rounds of wine blogs and finding a much wider audience.
He also sent a message out on his Twitter feed yesterday.

It’s a great little call to arms. As he puts it, we can OWN the Internet (or “this interweb thing” as us old-timers still call it).

As puts it, “Ryan est un pragmatique, il sait communiquer son enthousiasme et ça lui réussit.”

Ryan is very young – less than half our age. The two of us are old enough to be his parents. He’s American, and moved over to the Languedoc in 2005 with his mum and dad when he was only 19.

Yet he has a fantastic command of French that has us green with envy. He is enthusiastic and prolific and has the adventurousness, courage and sheer neck of youth to question the old ways and get out there and do things rather differently in the Vin 2.0 era.

It will be an uphill struggle, step by step, and there’s no point in getting seduced by apparently instant results, but this is where it’s all going.

Vin 2.0 is the new rock ‘n’ roll, with wonderful new tales being told by people like Ryan”…………

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