Beef Stew and O'MG

Wine & Food pairing for a “Boeuf en Daube”

Is “Boeuf en Daube” prettier that “Beef Stew?

Follow the following steps:

1. Marinate in One  bottle of O’Vineyards O’MG 2011 for the whole night.
One kilo of Beef cut in cubes
Two oinions
A “bouquet garni”: Thyme, Rosemary & Sage
salt & pepper

2. Add
Four Carrots
Four medium potatoes
a hand full of seedless olives

3. Use a steam cooker and cook everything until it steams then for an hour at medium heat…This dish gets even better cooked twice!

Enjoy that  Boeuf en Daube with another Bottle of O’MG … or any bottle of O’Vineyards  Red Wine …  available at Naked Wines UK and US! Bon Appétit!


The recipe for our Raclette Lunch can be found in this O’Vineyards B&B page

Ryan is in Napa. Muse filled in and helped Joe and I entertain our Visitors! She takes them for long walks around the vineyard. We always knew she had the potential to do more! and here she is!.. doing a wine tasting … and lunch… “Raclette and Charcuterie” with a bottle of Naked100 2011!

Joe raised his glass to our Naked 100 Share Owners! I do to!…but someone has to take the pictures! Cheers! 













Poulet au gingembre sur un lit de riz:

Chicken with Ginger on white rice

We are going to use the other half of the farm raised chicken and sauté it with ginger, onion, and some fennel. and serve it over a rice bed.

1/ chop the ginger

2/ chop onion, fennel (or another vegetable of your choice) slice chicken
sauté onion, vegetable, chicken slices and chopped ginger. add one table spoon of soyo sauce (or viandox) and three table spoon of chicken broth

3/ serve on a bed of white rice. or if you prefer, on a bed of sauté rice

How to cook the natural rice:

soak the rice (not Uncle Ben rice!) in the water for a couple of hours.
Change the water several times to eliminate starch.
Keep the level of water about 2cm over the rice.
Cook on stove medium high. When the water is completely reduced, turn the stove down to low and cook for 10 more minutes.

A whole chicken is quite a lot for two persons! We are going to cook two fast and simple dishes, two different meals with one chicken. Two healthy and lean recipes.

Poulet Fermier au poireau:

  1. Salt and pepper on the chicken. Wash and cut leek, potato, oinion and carrot
  2. Pre-cook the chicken, potato and carrot  in an oven at 205° for 15 minutes. Recuperate the sauce as soon as you take the chicken out of the oven. decant the chicken sauce to remove the grease.
  3. With one tea spoon of olive oil in the wok, sauté the oinion and leek, add the pre cook potato, carrot and the chicken legs. cook for about 10 minutes. Pour the strained chicken sauce over the vegetable. 


Poulet au gingembre sur un lit de riz:

Stay tuned for our next recipe: using the chicken breast with ginger and rice. 

  1. Fresh scallops, fennel, oinion & other veggies
  2. Opened scallops
  3. Sauté in one table spoon of olive oil, Fennel & other veggies of your choice, add oinion
  4. After 10 minutes, fast cook scallops on both sides
  5. Bon appétit!

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:
Take some time to research and find the fresh fruits and vegetables cultivated near you… you can’t always get what you want… so do the best you can..and taste the result! So good! your entourage will love it!

Here is my today recipe : apple, pork, potato and red cabbage, for two persons. If you don’t find the red cabbage, use an other fresh vegetable in a same fashion!

  1. Potato & roasted pork … Both pre-cooked…or could be left over from another meal!
  2. cut cabbage, oinon and apple
  3. in the wok, put a table spoon of olive oil, add the oinion, cabbage and apple, slices of roasted pork, a pinch “salt of Guérande” or “salt of Camargue”
  4. sauté for about 10 minutes


Winemaker’s Table

Twelve guests enjoyed Liz’s all natural Lobster Bisque. Easy to prepare …. but a little time consuming… Do it the day before! and you will be happy to put on the table your delightful bisque! Enjoy!

  1. Fresh Vegetables: pumpkin, carrott, potato, leek, celery branch
  2. Cook in the steamer: vegetables and lobster, lobster broth, salt & pepper … only for about 10 minutes after the steamer wistles
  3. Remove leek and celery (that were just used for the flavor)
  4. In the blender, mix the lobster meat,  pumpkin and carrott (get that bright “lobster bisque” color), potato ( to thicken the bisque)
  5. Use another lobster tail slightly boiled and sliced in cubes. add  the lobster cubes in the bisque before serving!


Another  Dinning Experience at O’Vineyards  with Liz’s Orange Honey Duck. 

Bon Appetit! Happy Holidays !


This preparation serves four. Follow the photos for each step:

1 & 2 . Orange Honey sauce: Mix the juice of 1 orange with 1 table spoon of honey and 1 coffee spoon of maizena. cook until ot. burner at medium temperature.

Steam cook two medium size potatoes 15 minutes and two carrots 10 minutes. slice carrot, potato, 1 celeri branch, half of a leek. Peel 4 shallots.

3. Two duck breasts

4. Cook the duck  in it’s grease, at Medium High temperature  for about 5 minutes on each side or until golden (longer if you like the duck less “rosé”). add to fry cook in the same pan the shallot, sliced potato and carrot. then celeri and leek. (shallot, celeri and leek are not pre-cooked…they only need few minutes to be ready).

Slice the duck . Pour the Orange Honey sauce over each slice. Two ways to dress up this orange honey dish:

5. Decorated with orange slices  for smaller appetite…

6. with more duck for a larger serving 🙂


Ingredients given below serve 20 individual “casseroles”:

  1. wash 8 carrots. peel 10 medium potatoes cut in halves.
  2. 2 nice shredded onions
  3. cook carrots and potatoes in a pressure cooker with a little water. stop cooking approximately 10 minutes after your cooker starts to “sing”. once it cools down. cut your vegetables in squares about 2 to 3cm  (one inch). add salt and pepper.
  4. add 2 table spoons of oil in a sauce pan, sauté the shredded onions.
  5.  add potatoes, carrots and 250g table spoons of cream,  slow cook for 1o minutes.
  6. fill 20 individual serving dishes.
  7. spread 2 table spoons of olive oil, salt pepper and 2 table spoons of taragon on this 5 kg turkey. wrap in aluminium foil .
  8. cook in the oven at 205° for 1 hour.
  9. open the aluminim foil. spread 250g of cream on the turkey.
  10. cook it for an extra 40 minutes. shut the oven off. the turkey will continue to cook in the electric shut off oven for an extra hour.
  11. Depending on the quantity you want to serve, you can choose a smaller or larger individual size dish. Cut the turkey in chunks. Garnish the chunks of turkey over the vegetable base, then  pour over one  to two table spoons of the turkey juice.
  12. An alternative to serve this turkey casserole: cover with a puff pastry sheet. bake for 12 minutes at 220°.

Pictures: 12 different steps to cook this moist and yummy taragon turkey. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

How to find us

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  1. Best by GPS.
    Follow the signs to Mazamet/ Villemoustaussou using the D118. At the end of the last straight part of D118, you will come to a roundabout with the Dyneff gas station.
  2. Take the exit towards Pennautier. Continue 500m to a small roundabout and go straight over.
  3. Look out for the second road on your right, Avenue des Cévennes which curves up hill (about 1km) to Avenue de la Montagne Noire on the left.
  4. At the last juction, bear left. the road sign “Ave de la Montagne Noire” (confusing as it seems to show a right turn)
  5. After another 500m you will see our red brick color building in the middle of the vines.